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The Disappearing Evidence of Baltic Germans in Latvia by Peter E. Baron von Sass

These pages were written for my Canadian-born children and grandchildren. Based on several years’ personal experience and observations during regular visits to the Baltic States, and having lived in Riga in our own apartment during the winter of 2014/15, combined with an extensive study of the subject matter, I have arrived at the following observations:…

Elley Manor Restoration Project

Friend and family historian, Jānis Stundiņš, recently contacted me with information about the restoration of the old tea house at Elley in Latvia. This is where my great grandmother, Meta von Medem, was born and raised. The restoration of the building has been managed by Būvuzņēmums Restaurators (fb), which is where all the photographs were…

Interactive Map of Estates Related to the Family in Latvia

Curland – Kurland Historical Maps

More maps can also be found at University of Bern’s online archives.

Elley Life


I’ve collected these images of Elley, Latvia (Lv. Eleja) from a variety of sources. My Grandmother and her sister have shared the majority of them, which I’ve scanned from the physical prints. The others are found online, or shared with me from friends & family interested in the history. Elley is known as Eleja in…