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The Portrait of Duchess Dorothea von Medem (von Biron)

Note: This essay has been prepared and written by Jānis Stundiņš, news agency LETA, by reasons of personal interests of local history. This article has been published in local Latvian papers and around the world in both English and Latvian. Significant painting of Duchess Dorothea in Eleja’s palace I would like to add comments, which…

Interactive Map of Estates Related to the Family in Latvia

View Medem, Behr, Lieven Manors in a larger map


I’ve collected these images of Elley, Latvia (Lv. Eleja) from a variety of sources. My Grandmother and her sister have shared the majority of them, which I’ve scanned from the physical prints. The others are found online, or shared with me from friends & family interested in the history. Elley is known as Eleja in…