Hello and welcome to the Tobyn’s own Genealogy site.

I’ve created this website as a way for people of my blood to be able to find information on themselves, as well as hopefully be able to help me in my quest to learn more about myself.

I also hope that my family will be able to use this to keep informed on events that do happen in our life, so that we can become a more connected bunch of ruffians. I want to point out that this site is not just for the Tobin side of my bloodline, but for the Devick side as well.

I do have a lot more documentation such as diaries, memoirs and autobiographies, so if your interested in some more information, OR! If you have some information you think I might find valuable, please get in touch with me. I want to meet you!

If you see your family on this site,
or you do not see yourself,
or if you want a pedigree chart (or any other chart),
or if you have more information on our history you would be so kind to share,
or if you want to say hi,
or if you want to see what family history records I have,
or if you have photographs to share,
or you just want to learn more about our family ancestry

please contact me at


so that we can share!

Have a good day now, and I sincerely hope you find what your looking for.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jane Desilet says:

    My mother’s maiden name was Tobin and I’m doing some research on the family, (just a personal project). I’d love to find out if we’re related in any way, and could share information.
    Her father was Paul Harold Tobin, DOB 4/21/1888.
    His father was Patrick William Tobin, DOB 02/08/1842. He was from County Cork, Parish of Cashel, Ireland.
    And lastly, his father was Edward Tobin, born around 1820, in Ireland.

    My grandfather had several brothers and sisters, perhaps we connect there. Here’s a list of names:
    William Patrick Tobin 1870
    Robert O. Donnovan Tobin 1871
    Frances Marion Tobin 1872
    Margaret Tobin 1874
    John Larkin Tobin 1878
    Leo Thomas Tobin 1880
    Mary Irene Tobin 1882
    Paul Harold Tobin 1888
    There were a few other siblings that did not survive into adulthood. I really don’t know too much about his siblings, apart from a few basic facts. Let me know if we’re related.
    Many thanks,
    Jane Desilet

  2. Peter Heijkoop says:

    Dear Sir, madam,
    it was with great interest that I found your page with a reference on Philipp Baron von Behr as I’m doing research into the German high command that was in the Netherlands during Second World War. I’m possibly doing a dissertation on the subject of the preparations of the German army in case of an allied attack. Baron Von Behr was in staff of General Fr. Christiansen, the Army forces commander, as his navy officer. I’ve got some references of him and a picture of both gentlemen in the city of The Hague during a parade in 1940. I was wondering if there is any reference in the familie archive that could help me in my research, and possibly any photo’s of his stay in the Netherlands. In the hope of a positive reply.