Building this website wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many family members and also many friends from around the world who are also interested in the same genealogy I am. It is actually quite amazing the communications that have been started because of this website, and I hope they continue into  the future.

This list will grow as time goes on, but the following have helped me in very big ways to collect data relating to the big family:

  • Dagmar Devick (b. 1919) is my grandmother. Her stories, documents, connections, and photographs have been the primary fuel to my research.
  • Heiner von Hoyningen-Huene (b. 1941) is an archiver, and historian based in Germany. He has been instrumental in the accuracy of the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels. His wife Harda has also greatly helped throughout our discussions with stories and translations.
  • Manfred von Harpe (b. 1926) is an avid historian. He has shared with me priceless documentation.
  • Marina Tobin (b. 1954) is a college instructor. My mother has handed me many memoirs, books, photographs, and other historically significant artifacts to fill my dreams up.
  • Ann Maureen Coffin (b. 1966) is a civil engineer. She has handed to me thorough documentation and completed genealogical records she has uncovered herself.
  • Imants Lancmanis (b.1941) is an art historian, writer, and artist. He has been director of the Palace of Rundâle in Latvia since 1971.
  • Ojars Sparitis (b.1955) is Chief of the Department for doctoral studies and Chief of the Department for Masters Education at the Latvian Academy of Arts. His interest and knowledge of the family history is influential in Latvia and he has presented reports and speeches as one of the leading authorities.
  • Gerda Berzina (b.1982) is a budding Latvian historian who has been instrumental in connecting me with historians in Latvia, and sharing my journey of discovery.
  • Jānis Stundiņš is a reporter and historian. He has helped me with various researches activities and provided me with many stories related to the family.
  • Alexander von Medem is a genealogist in Germany who has provided me with extensive documentation directly relating to the family.
  • Hans von Nolde. He has helped me connect a families, as well as shared historical images with me.
  • Helmar von Hahn is a genealogist and forester in BC, Canada. Whenever I ask my grandmother questions about the family, she responds “Oh, Helmar would know.” He is considered one of the most knowledgeable genealogists in Western Canada for the Baltic family and has shared with me his hand written family trees and published books related to the family.
  • Fedrik Rosenlew is an estate owner in Finland who has shared with me his knowledge of the von Biron line, and is the current owner of the portrait of Duchess Anna Dorothea by Angelica Koffmann.
  • Jeanette McKinnon is instrumental in the McKinnon family reunion in Eastern Canada. She has shared her research and confirmed my the validity of my information.
  • Eric von Ehrenberg is a very active historian in Europe who works tirelessly at connecting the family with stories, artifacts, and information.

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  2. David Meden says:

    My name is David Meden and I live in Sweden, but have ancestors who came probably from Königsberg to Canfanaro about 1620 which those days belonged to Republic of Venice. Our family name was originally Medem, but transformed to Meden around 1800. I have collected som pictures and documents about our heritage. You may find it here:
    Could it be possible that our family and your family have the same ancestors?

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