Welcome Home

I, Ned Tobin, have undertaken the task of collecting as much information as I can about all branches of my family history to share on this website with my whole family.

Much apologies if the title of this website throws you off, but I had to pick a name and my surname seemed fitting. A short and quick list of my direct family is: Tobin, MacKinnon, Devick and von Behr, but you can see a more advanced listing of my family if you dig in the webpage just a little bit more. I will be including in this site all branches of my family.

I want to note here that if anyone reading this takes offense to me putting names, births, deaths and family news on here to not hesitate to talk to me immediately so we can address the concerns. I do not want to make any member of my family uncomfortable with having this information up on this website.

My intentions are to hopefully gather more information from friends and family through the internets machine so that we can become more united and stronger!

If you see your family on this site,
or you do not see yourself,
or if you want a pedigree chart (or any other chart),
or if you have more information on our history you would be so kind to share,
or if you want to say hi,
or if you want to see what family history records I have,
or if you have photographs to share,
or you just want to learn more about our family ancestry

please contact me at


so that we can share!