Kinship Report for Edward Vincent Tobin

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Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Daucan M 17 Jun 1864 2nd great grandmother
Mary 1835 3rd great grandmother
Name 1555 14th great grandmother
?, Addedomaros Sibling of 67th great grandmother
?, Adminius Sibling of 68th great grandfather
?, Amfleda 470 AD 46th great grandmother
?, Anny Tro Sibling of 75th great grandfather
?, Antonius 78th great grandfather
?, Artfael 4th cousin 62x removed
?, Athildis 65th great grand uncle
?, Athilidus 64th great grand aunt
?, Baeldaeg Abt. 243 AD 61st great grand uncle
?, Beldeg 243 AD Sibling of 61st great grandfather
?, Capoir Abt. 160 BC 71st great grandfather
?, Coel or Cole Abt. 85 AD 65th great grand uncle
?, Coilus 104 AD 65th great grandfather
?, Danpi 54th great grandmother
?, Danus Dan Mykillati of Denmark 328 AD 53rd great grandfather
?, Dar ap Daronwy 74th great grandfather
?, Daronwy ap Urnach Wyddel 75th great grandfather
?, Don ap Dar 73rd great grandfather
?, Dyvynarth 75th great grandfather
?, Edward 77th great grandfather
?, Emerita 64th great grand aunt
?, Enid 72nd great grandfather
?, Eunydd 3rd cousin 63x removed
?, Folks 24th great grandfather
?, Freyr Sibling of 61st great grandfather
?, Fridleif 58th great grandfather
?, Fridleif 60th great grandfather
?, Fridlief Fridleif III of Denmark 50th great grandfather
?, Frode Frodi III 364 AD 52nd great grandfather
?, Frodi 56th great grandfather
?, Frodi 59th great grandfather
?, Geta Sibling of 63rd great grandfather
?, Gladys Sibling of 64th great grandfather
?, Gladys Abt. 170 AD Sibling of 63rd great grandfather
?, Gorddwfn 2nd cousin 64x removed
?, Gorig 1st cousin 65x removed
?, Gwladys Sibling of 63rd great grandfather
?, Gwydion ap Don 72nd great grandfather
?, Halfdan II of Denmark 477 AD 48th great grandfather
?, Harald 45th great grand uncle
?, Harold Hildetand 690 AD 41st great grandfather
?, Havar 57th great grandfather
?, Helgi 47th great grand uncle
?, Heli 69th great grandfather
?, Hilda 45th great grandmother
?, Hilderic 46th great grandfather
?, Hrora Hroar 47th great grandfather
?, Ivar 61st great grand uncle
?, Jago Sibling of 78th great grandfather
?, Keribur Sibling of 63rd great grandfather
?, Klydno Sibling of 71st great grandfather
?, Krydon 74th great grandfather
?, Kwxyd 73rd great grandfather
?, Math ap Mathonwy Sibling of 69th great grandmother
?, Mathonwy 71st great grandfather
?, Meirchion 64th great grand uncle
?, Mynogan Abt. 135 BC 70th great grandfather
?, Olaf 300 AD 54th great grandfather
?, Old King 80 AD 65th great grand uncle
?, Olufa 53rd great grandmother
?, Penardun Sibling of 69th great grandmother
?, Prasutagus 10 AD 67th great grandfather
?, Prydein 76th great grandfather
?, Roric Slingeband Abt. 652 AD 42nd great grandfather
?, Saemengr Abt. 240 AD 61st great grand uncle
?, Serwyl 79th great grandfather
?, Sigris 48th great grandmother
?, Silver Haired 79 BC 69th great grandfather
?, Skjld 61st great grandfather
?, the Great 99 BC 70th great grandfather
?, the Prophetess 99 BC 70th great grandmother
?, the Younger 210 AD Sibling of 63rd great grandfather
?, Trathol ap Gwydion 71st great grandfather
?, Valldar Valdar Millda 46th great grandfather
?, Vermund 55th great grandfather
?, Wecta 245 AD Sibling of 61st great grandfather
?, Yngv Abt. 250 AD Sibling of 61st great grandfather
?, Yngvi Abt. 235 AD 61st great grand uncle
?, Yrsa 1st cousin 48x removed
???, Maria 17th great grandmother
2nd Wife of great grandfather
3rd Wife of great grandfather
A, Agnes 1st cousin 1x removed
Alarbarton, Ann Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Aliet 17th great grandmother
Allmeg, Otto Karl Maximilian Graf
Hohenfeld Freiherr in Aistersheim und
7th great grandfather
Allsop, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Andrew 4th cousin 1x removed
Angeln, Withlaeg King of Bet. 232 AD–233
61st great grand uncle
Ann Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anonyme Terriot, Elisabeth 1575 Wife of 12th great grandfather
Arlet 1510 14th great grandfather
Arlet, Charles 1560 12th great grandfather
Arlet, Clenice 1585 11th great grandmother
Arlet, Francois Abt. 1535 13th great grandfather
Armfelt, Gustav Husband of 1st cousin 6x removed
Armfelt, Gustava 2nd cousin 5x removed
Aselmann, Richard Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Aselmann, Veronica 04 Mar 1939 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Asgard, Casere of 241 AD 61st great grand uncle
Asgard, Saemingr of Abt. 234 AD 61st great grand uncle
Asgard, Seaxneat of 61st great grand uncle
Asgard, Waegdaeg of 61st great grand uncle
Asgard, Watholgeon Sibling of 61st great grandfather
Asgard, Wecta of 62nd great grandfather
Asgard, Wecta of Abt. 250 AD 61st great grand uncle
Asgard, Winta of Sibling of 61st great grandfather
August, Karl Father-in-law of husband of 5th great
grand aunt
Austria, Francis I of 12 Feb 1768 Father-in-law of husband of paternal
grandmother of wife of 2nd cousin 5x
Austria, Maria Theresa Josepha Charlotte
Johanna of
14 Jan 1767 Aunt of wife of husband of paternal
grandmother of wife of 2nd cousin 5x
Autonier 1510 14th great grandfather
Autonier, Elize Abt. 1535 13th great grandmother
Aymerich, Francesco Ravaschieri Fieschi
Squarciafico Pinelli Pignatelli y
Husband of 1st cousin 6x removed
Babin, Antoine (Anthoine) 1626/27 10th great grandfather
Babin, Madeleine 1698 8th great grandmother
Babin, Vincent 1655 9th great grandfather
Balder, Böldög Abt. 243 AD 61st great grand uncle
Banck, Ebba Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Barb Wife of aunt
Barun, Burgrave Torkild Gislason 19th great grandmother
Barun, Erengisle Torkilsson 20th great grandfather
Barun, Ingrid Erengisladotter Sibling of 19th great grandmother
Barun, Torkel Tykason 17th great grand uncle
Batowski, Alexander Husband of 5th great grand aunt
Batstone, Derek Husband of 4th cousin
Batters By, Anne Marie 1763 5th great grand aunt
Batters By, Eleanor (Ellen) 19 Feb 1789 4th great grandmother
Batters By, George 1736 6th great grandfather
Batters By, George 1767 5th great grand uncle
Batters By, John 1710 7th great grandfather
Batters By, John 1731 6th great grand uncle
Batters By, John 1733 6th great grand uncle
Batters By, John 1759 5th great grand uncle
Batters By, John 25 Oct 1765 5th great grandfather
Batters By, Mary 1770 5th great grand aunt
Batters By, Sarah 1771 5th great grand aunt
Batters By, Susanna 13 Dec 1784 4th great grand aunt
Batters By, Thomas 1738 6th great grand uncle
Baumann, Bettina 22 Jan 1965 Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bauthier, Edmont Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Bavaria, Augusta Ludovika Georgia of 21 Jun 1788 Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x removed
Behr, Oskar Hermann Hans Baron 01 May 1832 3rd great grandfather
Belliveau, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Bernard, MARIE 1645 10th great grandmother
Bernard, Peter 1872 Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bershof, H. Maternal grandfather of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
Beverly, Helen 1st cousin 1x removed
Bibikow, Anna Gawrilowna Mother-in-law of 4th great grand uncle
Binder, Beatrice Elsa 15th great grandmother
Birkenfeld-Bischweiler, Christiane
Henriette of
Mother-in-law of husband of 5th great
grand aunt
Bisson, Jeanne 27 Nov 1547 12th great grandmother
Bjornsson, Olaf Mitkg II 855 AD 33rd great grandfather
Blackadar, David Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Bonaparte, Napoléon Husband of paternal grandmother of wife
of 2nd cousin 5x removed
Bond, Michael Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Borg, Olof 18 Feb 1919 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Bornstra, Marguerite 1616 11th great grandmother
Bornstra, Wybrant Andresz abt 1590 ?? 12th great grandfather
Bosch, Evert 28 Oct 1957 Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bourg, Alexandre 1671 9th great grandfather
Bourg, Marie 1695 8th great grandmother
Bourg, Simon 1576 12th great grandfather
Bourg (Bau, Perrine Abt. 1619 11th great grandmother
Bourgeois, Marguerite 1585 13th great grandmother
Bradshaw, Kathleen Jean (Kathy) Wife of 4th cousin
Brasseau, Mary Magdeline 1645 13th great grandmother
Braun, Agatha Abt. 1624 10th great grandmother
Brennan, Isabella Great grandmother of wife of uncle
Brenner, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Breyer, Clara 1905 Wife of 1st great grand uncle of wife of
Brincken, Ewald von dem 1603 10th great grandfather
Brincken, Marie von dem 1641 9th great grandmother
Britain, Eurgen of Abt. 155 AD Sibling of 63rd great grandfather
Britain, Gladys the Younger of Sibling of 63rd great grandfather
Britian, Cadwalladr of 189 AD 63rd great grandfather
Brockmann, Eleonore 06 Jul 1924 Wife of brother-in-law of 1st great grand
Bronchin, Jacqueline 1470 16th great grandmother
Bronchin, Jacqueline 1500 15th great grandmother
Brookman, Fanny 2nd great grandmother of wife of uncle
Brookman, Henry 3rd great grandfather of wife of uncle
Brosa, Birger 25th great grandfather
Buchanan, Edith Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Buchannon, Donalda Wilma Wife of uncle of wife of uncle
Buddenbrock, Conrad 16th great grandfather
Buddenbrock, Gotthard 15th great grandfather
Buddenbrock, Henricus 17th great grandfather
Buddenbrock, Johann 11th great grand uncle
Buddenbrock, Johann 15th great grand uncle
Buel, Lee-Ann Wife of 4th cousin
Burcumshaw, Floyd Francis Husband of aunt of wife of uncle
Buxhoeveden, Jurgen v 15th great grandfather
Cadwalladr, Frigg Friege or Verch Bet. 210 AD–232
62nd great grandmother
Cahill, Cindy 4th cousin
Cahill, Tom Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Caissy, Marie 1697 7th great grandmother
Caissy, Michael Roger 1651 8th great grandfather
Campbell, Charles Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Campbell, Isabella “Belle” 1795 4th great grandmother
Campbell, Margaret Abt. 1823 Wife of 3rd great grandfather
Cann, Cecil Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Cann, Joseph 4th cousin
Cann, Louis 4th cousin
Cann, Wanda 4th cousin
Carey, Anna Marguerite 3rd cousin 1x removed
Carey, Arlene Mar 1956 4th cousin
Carey, Danielle 4th cousin 2x removed
Carey, Evelyn Marie 3rd cousin 1x removed
Carey, George Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Carey, George Cyril 05 Sep 1931 3rd cousin 1x removed
Carey, George Wayne 4th cousin
Carey, Joan Eileen 13 Mar 1938 3rd cousin 1x removed
Carey, Joan Frances 4th cousin
Carey, Joanne 22 Feb 1954 4th cousin
Carey, Lauren 4th cousin 2x removed
Carey, Matthew 4th cousin 2x removed
Carey, Maureen Aug 1957 4th cousin
Carey, Meaghan 4th cousin 2x removed
Carey, Monica Darlene 4th cousin 1x removed
Carey, Paul Daniel 4th cousin 1x removed
Carey, Paula Marie 12 Feb 1953 4th cousin
Carey, William (Billy) 4th cousin 2x removed
Carey, William Herold 20 Nov 1932 3rd cousin 1x removed
Carmel Wife of grand uncle
Carrigan, Brian Husband of 4th cousin
Carter, Louise Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Case, Anita Jane 16 Dec 1958 4th cousin
Case, Brenda Marie 04 Jan 1955 4th cousin
Case, Deborah Ann 29 Apr 1961 4th cousin
Case, Ian James 13 Aug 1956 4th cousin
Case, Marlene Tracey 4th cousin
Case, Ross A. Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Case, Tyler James 1994 4th cousin 1x removed
Casere, ? 61st great grand uncle
Cashen, Michael Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Cashen, Teresa Audrey 25 Jan 1929 3rd cousin 1x removed
Castell-Rudenhausen, Erika Countess 31 Aug 1904 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Catherine Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Chiasson, Marie 1667 8th great grandmother
Christina Great grandmother of wife of uncle
Cian 08 Jan 2001 3rd cousin
Clarke, Alanna Stephanie Eileen 4th cousin 1x removed
Clarke, Meaghan Angela 4th cousin 1x removed
Clarke, Stephen Angus 4th cousin 1x removed
Clarke, Steve Husband of 4th cousin
Cockman, Doris 04 Aug 1906 Wife of brother-in-law of 1st great grand
Coffin, Ann Maureen 21 Jun 1966 Paternal 1st cousin
Coffin, John 04 Mar 1940 Husband of aunt
Coffin, John 23 Jul 1967 Paternal 1st cousin
Coffin, Sean 02 Jun 1973 Paternal 1st cousin
Coilus, Coel 65th great grand uncle
Coleson, Nicolas 1580 13th great grandfather
Coleson, Nicole 12 Jun 1612 12th great grandmother
Collier, Tanya 04 Oct 1971 Wife of 4th cousin
Collins, Annie Catherine 13 Aug 1842 2nd great grandmother
Comtee, Helen 1579 12th great grandmother
Conlin, John William Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
Connors, Holly 28 Mar 1975 Wife of 4th cousin
Cook, Penelopy (Penny) 22 Feb 1973 Wife of grand nephew of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
Cook, Peter James 05 Jun 1968 Husband of grand niece of wife of 1st
great grand uncle
Cooling, Evelyn Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Cortes, Flor Angela 02 Apr 1937 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Coutande, ? Abt. 1585 11th great grandfather
Coutande, Sebastienne 1610 10th great grandmother
Cox, (unknown) 1st cousin 1x removed
Cox, (unknown) Husband of grand aunt
Cox, Barbara Anne 1st cousin 1x removed
Cox, John Tobin 1st cousin 1x removed
Cox, Joseph 1st cousin 1x removed
Cox, Judith 1st cousin 1x removed
Cox, Mary 1st cousin 1x removed
Cox, Viola 1st cousin 1x removed
Crawshaw 3rd great grandfather
Crawshaw, Arthur Dec Great grand uncle
Crawshaw, Joseph 2nd great grandfather
Crawshaw, Nellie Ellen Great grandmother
Crofts, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Cullen, Brian Grand nephew of husband of 2nd cousin
2x removed
Cullen, Edna Grand niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Cullen, Jim Grand nephew of husband of 2nd cousin
2x removed
Cullen, Mary Theresa Grand niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Cullen, Max Husband of niece of husband of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Cullen, Rita Grand niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Cullen, Yvonne Grand niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Cynfelyn, Gweirydd Arviragus ap 15 AD 67th great grandfather
Cyril 4th cousin 1x removed
Daly, Jane 10 Aug 1850 2nd great grandmother
Danes, Skjold of the Abt. 237 AD 61st great grand uncle
Danish, Ragnar Lodbrock of Uppsala
750 AD 39th great grandfather
DAussy, Marie Francoise 1577 12th great grandmother
DAUSSY, MARIE FRANCOISE 1555 13th great grandmother
Dawson, John Husband of niece of husband of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Day, James 1817 1st cousin 5x removed
Day, John 1821 1st cousin 5x removed
Day, Kate 1818 1st cousin 5x removed
Day, Luke 1785 Husband of 4th great grand aunt
Day, Richard 1815 1st cousin 5x removed
Day, Sarah 1820 1st cousin 5x removed
Day, Thomas 1820 1st cousin 5x removed
Day, William 1816 1st cousin 5x removed
de Beauharnais, Alexandre 28 May 1760 Paternal grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin
5x removed
de Beauharnais, Amélie 1812 Sister-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x removed
de Beauharnais, Auguste 1810 Brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x removed
de Beauharnais, Carolina 1816 Sister-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x removed
de Beauharnais, Eugène Rose 03 Sep 1781 Father-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x removed
de Beauharnais, Francis VI Grand uncle of wife of 2nd cousin 5x
de Beauharnais, François 1714 Great grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin 5x
de Beauharnais, Hortense 10 Apr 1783 Aunt of wife of 2nd cousin 5x removed
de Beauharnais, Josephine 1807 Sister-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x removed
de Beauharnais, Maximilian 1817 Brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x removed
de Beauharnais, Theodelinde 1814 Sister-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x removed
de Bekeshovede, NN 22nd great grandmother
de Brack, Burchard 22nd great grand uncle
de Brack, Hermann II. 22nd great grand uncle
de Brack, Johann I. 22nd great grand uncle
de Brack, Werner IV. 22nd great grand uncle
de Brackele, Daniel II. 18th great grand uncle
de Brackele, Gottfried III. (Godekinus) 19th great grandfather
de Brackele, Gottfried IV. 18th great grand uncle
de Brakele, Daniel I. 20th great grand uncle
de Brakele, Dietrich I. (Thiedericus) 21st great grand uncle
de Brakele, Gottfried II. 20th great grand uncle
de Brakele, Heinrich II. 22nd great grandfather
de Brakele, Heinrich V. 20th great grand uncle
de Brakele, Johann IV. (Johannes-
20th great grandfather
de Brakele, Johann V. (Johannes-
19th great grand uncle
de Brakele, Klaus I. (Nicolao) 19th great grand uncle
de Brakele, Siegfried I. 21st great grandfather
de Brakele, Simon 19th great grand uncle
de Cantabria, Fruela Sibling of 61st great grandfather
de Chastullé, Marie Henriette Pyvart 1722 Great grandmother of wife of 2nd cousin
5x removed
de Crousaz, Jeanne Francoise Elisabeth 4th great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
de Drucso, GenKonsuls Desiderius Bayer-
Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
De Forest, Alard 1300 23rd great grandfather
De Forest, Crispin 09 Dec 1612 11th great grandfather
De Forest, Gaspard 1450 17th great grandfather
De Forest, Gerard 1583 12th great grandfather
De Forest, Gerard De L Estoc 1220 25th great grandfather
De Forest, Giles De L Estoc 1258 24th great grandfather
De Forest, Herbert Abt. 1130 28th great grandfather
De Forest, Herbert 1178 26th great grandfather
De Forest, Jean Abt. 1400 19th great grandfather
De Forest, Jean 1543 13th great grandfather
De Forest, Jehan Abt. 1340 22nd great grandfather
De Forest, Jehan 1540 Husband of 13th great grandmother
De Forest, Louis 1360 21st great grandfather
De Forest, Melchior I 1472 16th great grandfather
De Forest, Melchior II 1497 15th great grandfather
De Forest, Melchior 1510 14th great grandfather
De Forest, Michel 18 Jun 1637 10th great grandfather
De Forest, Simon 1420 18th great grandfather
De Forest, Thomas Abt. 1380 20th great grandfather
De Forest, Waiter Abt. 1150 27th great grandfather
de Krucso, Sonja Bayer-Krucsay 13 Jun 1907 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
De La Grange, Hester 1585 12th great grandmother
de la Pagerie, Joséphine Tascher 23 Jun 1763 Paternal grandmother of wife of 2nd
cousin 5x removed
De Montar, Marie 1360 21st great grandmother
De Poix, Marie 1390 20th great grandmother
de Rohan-Guémenée, Louis 1768 Husband of 1st cousin 6x removed
de Sannois, Rose-Claire des Vergers 1736 Great grandmother of wife of 2nd cousin
5x removed
de Talleyrand-Perigord, Edmond Husband of 1st cousin 6x removed
de Thisenhus, Johannes 21st great grandfather
de Thisenhusen, Johannes 20th great grandfather
de Tiesenhausen, Bartolomeus Ritter 1312 19th great grandfather
de Tiesenhausen, NN Sibling of 18th great grandfather
de Tysenhusen, Engelbertus 22nd great grandfather
Deken, Alheit 1462 16th great grand uncle
Deken, Jacob 17th great grandfather
Deken, NN Sibling of 16th great grandmother
Delaney, Mary Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Dellingshausen, Thomas (II) 7th great grandfather
Denley, Duke Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Denley, Jamine 3rd cousin 1x removed
Denley, Randall 3rd cousin 1x removed
Denley, Wendy 3rd cousin 1x removed
Denmark, Frode Frodi IV of 49th great grandfather
Denmark, Halfdan of 390 AD 51st great grandfather
Denmark, Skjoldr Skjold of Abt. 231 AD 61st great grand uncle
Denny, Jane 1838 Wife of 2nd great grand uncle
der Heilige, Knud IV Abt. 1043 28th great grandfather
Desveaux, Anne Laurie 06 Sep 1880 2nd great grand aunt
Desveaux, Peter 3rd great grandfather
Detterstorp, Mörta Knutsdotter av 16th great grandmother
Devaux, Joseph 1749 5th great grandfather
Devaux, Peter Nov 1832 3rd great grandfather
Devaux, Pierre 1694 7th great grandfather
Devaux, Pierre 1798 4th great grandfather
Devaux**, Michel 1663 8th great grandfather
Deveau, Marianne Angeline 01 Sep 1861 2nd great grandmother
Deveaux, Charlemagne 20 Jul 1719 6th great grandfather
Devick 2nd great grandfather
Devick, Alexander William 27 Apr 1983 Maternal 1st cousin
Devick, Alfred Great grand uncle
Devick, Alice 05 Apr 1915 Grand aunt
Devick, Anita Bernice 20 Jul 1980 Maternal 1st cousin
Devick, Arthur Henry 14 Jun 1952 Uncle
Devick, Charlotte Great grand aunt
Devick, Dave Paul 17 Oct 1985 Maternal 1st cousin
Devick, Doris 17 Jun 1918 Grand aunt
Devick, Frank Arthur 18 Aug 1912 Maternal grandfather
Devick, Gordon 1st cousin 2x removed
Devick, Harry (Henry) Leopold Nov 1882 Great grandfather
Devick, Ian Frank 17 Jul 1983 Maternal 1st cousin
Devick, Joan 1st cousin 2x removed
Devick, Joe Great grand uncle
Devick, Margaret 1st cousin 2x removed
Devick, Marina 29 Jan 1954 Mother
Devick, Mike Gray Arthur 27 Jan 1988 Maternal 1st cousin
Devick, Paul Alexander 20 Nov 1956 Uncle
Devick, Ralph 1st cousin 2x removed
Devick, Steven Arthur 27 Jun 1985 Maternal 1st cousin
Devick, William Great grand uncle
Devick-Schaffer, Hanna Elizabeth 17 Jul 2012 1st cousin 1x removed
di Bagni, Maria Theresia Grafin Guidi 7th great grandmother
Dick, Joanne (Hansi) Parker 23 May 1924 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Dieter 1937 2nd cousin 1x removed
Dittmann, Anna 1885 1st great grand aunt of wife of uncle
Dittmann, Augustinius 19 Oct 1851 2nd great grandfather of wife of uncle
Dittmann, Elizabeth 1886 1st great grand aunt of wife of uncle
Dittmann, Francis Dec 1808 2nd great grand uncle of wife of uncle
Dittmann, George Uri 1876 1st great grand uncle of wife of uncle
Dittmann, Madeline 1878 1st great grand aunt of wife of uncle
Dittmann, Nicholas Augustus 1891 1st great grand uncle of wife of uncle
Dittmann, Paulis 27 Jul 1775 3rd great grandfather of wife of uncle
Dittmann, Susan Elizabeth 23 Jan 1882 Great grandmother of wife of uncle
Dobson, Larry 1st cousin of wife of uncle
Dobson, Ronald 1st cousin of wife of uncle
Dobson, Susan 1st cousin of wife of uncle
Dobson, Thomas Weston Husband of aunt of wife of uncle
Doolan, Dolan or Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
D’Orsay, Cindy 4th cousin
D’Orsay, John 4th cousin
D’Orsay, John Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Doucet, Anne 12 Aug 1727 6th great grandmother
Doucet, Charles 1665 8th great grandfather
Doucet, Charles 1694 7th great grandfather
Drawdy, David Husband of 4th cousin
Drawdy, David 4th cousin 1x removed
Drawdy, Rachelle 4th cousin 1x removed
Drawdy, Renee 4th cousin 1x removed
Du Fosset, Antoine 1471 15th great grandfather
Du Fosset, Catherine 1515 14th great grandmother
Ducker, Anna 13th great grand aunt
Ducker, Johann 13th great grand uncle
Ducker, Magdelena 13th great grandmother
Ducker, Neszke 13th great grand uncle
Ducker, Wolmar 16th great grandfather
Dugas, Abraham 1661 9th great grandfather
Dugas, Abraham VI 1726 7th great grandfather
Dugas, Alexis 24 Jun 1708 13th great grandfather
Dugas, Joseph 1690 8th great grandfather
Dugas, Marie 1749 6th great grandmother
DUGAS, Angélique 1810 4th great grandmother
Duguay, Phyllis Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Dunlop, Dale Husband of 4th cousin
Dunlop, Stephen Wayne 18 Mar 1988 4th cousin 1x removed
Durston, Rocoe Husband of grand aunt of wife of uncle
Edmundsson, Erik 849 AD 35th great grandfather
Edwards, Anastasia Great grand aunt
Edwards, Annie Francis Great grand aunt
Edwards, Byron Great grand uncle
Edwards, Ella Mae 01 May 1882 Great grandmother
Edwards, James William 30 Oct 1857 2nd great grandfather
Edwards, John 31 Jan 1831 3rd great grandfather
Edwards, William 1767 5th great grandfather
Edwards, William 1801 4th great grandfather
Elgie, Glayds Paternal grandmother of wife of uncle
Elisabeth 20th great grandmother
Engdes, Hans 16th great grandfather
Engdes, Reinhold 15th great grand uncle
Engedes, Jurgen 15th great grand uncle
Engedes, Jurgen Husband of 15th great grandmother
Engedes, Margaretha 15th great grandmother
Engedes, Margaretha 15th great grandmother
Entremont, Marie Marguerite D 1649 10th great grandmother
Eötvös, Ladislaus Baron 16 Nov 1902 Husband of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Eramian, Arthur Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Eramian, Harry 4th cousin
Eramian, Mary 4th cousin
Eramian, Robert 4th cousin
Ericksson, Edmund 832 AD 36th great grandfather
Eriksson, Bjorn a Haugi the Old of
867 AD 34th great grandfather
Estridsen, Svend II King of Denmark Abt. 988 AD 29th great grandfather
Eurgen, Gladys of Siluria Verch Abt. 160 AD 64th great grandmother
Fagan, Alan Joseph 18 May 1962 4th cousin
Fagan, Alphonse (Al) 28 Nov 1920 Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Fagan, Brenda Eileen 29 Apr 1954 4th cousin
Fagan, Brian Martin 19 Jul 1966 4th cousin
Fagan, Catherine Elizabeth 14 Nov 1960 4th cousin
Fagan, David Michael 16 Dec 1963 4th cousin
Fagan, Emily Louise 16 Mar 1997 4th cousin 1x removed
Fagan, James (Jim) Patrick 22 Nov 1964 4th cousin
Fagan, Michael Douglas 01 Oct 1988 4th cousin 1x removed
Fagan, Natalie Jean 18 Dec 1989 4th cousin 1x removed
Fagan, Paul Gerard 01 Jun 1959 4th cousin
Fagan, Robert (Bob) Francis 22 Mar 1956 4th cousin
Farnsworth, Clifton Husband of grand niece of husband of
2nd cousin 2x removed
Ferguson, Pat Wife of 4th cousin 1x removed
Ferreira, Paulo Henrique Fraga Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Ferrell, Ann Marie 20 Aug 1946 Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Ferris, Boyd Husband of grand aunt
Fock, Agnese Elisabeth von Brucken gen. 1717 Wife of 6th great grandfather
Fogarty, Billy Husband of aunt
Fogarty, David Paternal 1st cousin
Fogarty, James Paternal 1st cousin
Fogarty, Janice Paternal 1st cousin
Folkunga, Bengt Folkason Folkason Abt. 1108 26th great grandfather
Folkunga, Folk the Fat of Sweden 27th great grandfather
Folkunge, ? 23rd great grandmother
Forest, Jean Dec 1750 6th great grandfather
Forest, Pierre 1668 9th great grandfather
Forest, Pierre 1694 8th great grandfather
Forest, Simon 1724 7th great grandfather
Forest, Ursule 1775 5th great grandmother
Forrest, Elizabeth Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Foster, Avis Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Fougere, Modeste 1748 6th great grandmother
Francis, Claude 3rd cousin 1x removed
Francis, Ellen Mary Corrine 12 Nov 1894 2nd cousin 2x removed
Francis, Irene 18 Oct 1911 3rd cousin 1x removed
Francis, John G Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Francis, John Wiseman 1863 Husband of 1st cousin 3x removed
Francis, Joseph 3rd cousin 1x removed
Francis, Margaret Ann 28 Feb 1899 2nd cousin 2x removed
Francis, Rita 26 Dec 1904 3rd cousin 1x removed
Francis, Winnand (Winnie) 18 May 1897 2nd cousin 2x removed
Francois?? Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Frantal, Dagmar 06 Jul 1945 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Frantal, Josef Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Freitas, Christina Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Freitas, Jabes Medeiros Husband of wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Fresenhausen, H. Maternal grandfather of wife of 1st cousin
2x removed
Friedrichs, Elgin Niece of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Friedrichs, Hans-Gunther Nephew of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Friedrichs, Rudolf 1901 Husband of sister-in-law of 1st great grand
Frode, VII 45th great grandfather
Frye, Diane 4th cousin
Frye, Fabian 4th cousin
Frye, Tom Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Frye, Tommy 4th cousin
Furstenberg, Maya 14th great grand aunt
GACHET, Jeanne 1620 10th great grandmother
Gaudet 1555 13th great grandmother
Gaudet, Francoise 1623 11th great grandmother
Gaudet, Jean 1549 13th great grandfather
Gaudet, Jean 1575 12th great grandfather
Gaudet, Jean 1575 12th great grandfather
Gaudet, Marie Anne 1633 11th great grandmother
Gauterot, Claude Abt. 1659 8th great grandfather
Gauterot, Francois 1613 11th great grandfather
Gauterot, Marguerite 1692 7th great grandmother
Gauterot (Gautreaux), Marie-Francoise
1647 10th great grandmother
Gautreau, Marguerite 09 Sep 1729 7th great grandmother
Geddes, Roy Husband of wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Gehrden, Werner II. Edler 24th great grandfather
Geraldine Wife of grand nephew of husband of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Gillan, Leanne 17 Aug 1964 4th cousin
Gillan, Shauna 4th cousin
Gillan, Thomas Alexander Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Gillis, Michael Husband of 4th cousin
Gillis, Ryan Francis 24 Sep 1984 4th cousin 1x removed
Gillis, Shaun Michael 03 Apr 1982 4th cousin 1x removed
Goertz, Maria Elisabeth 6th great grandmother
Gotthard, Peter Leopold Joseph Anton
Joachim Pius
05 May 1747 Paternal grandfather of wife of husband of
paternal grandmother of wife of 2nd
cousin 5x removed
Gould, Diane (Linda) Wife of uncle of wife of uncle
Grandjehan, Nicolas 1570 13th great grandfather
Grandmother 2nd great grandmother
Grandy, Jean Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Gray, Cindy 11 Feb 1957 Sister-in-law of uncle
Gray, Murray William Paternal grandfather of wife of uncle
Gray, Robert WIlliam Father-in-law of uncle
Gray, Robyn 22 Nov 1959 Sister-in-law of uncle
Gray, Sandy 11 Feb 1957 Sister-in-law of uncle
Gray, Susan Jane 21 Dec 1955 Wife of uncle
Groves, Francis Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Groves, Jason 4th cousin
Groves, Jody 4th cousin
Groves, Wendy 4th cousin
Guerin, Huguette Lucie Radegonde 1667 8th great grandmother
Guilbault, Jeanne 1670 9th great grandmother
Gustav 1936 2nd cousin 1x removed
Gweirydd, Meurig Marius ap 80 AD 66th great grandfather
Gysenberg, Cecilia Grand niece of wife of 1st great grand
Gysenberg, Hartwig Graf von Westerholt
18 Jun 1944 Husband of niece of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
Gysenberg, Sophia 10 Oct 1986 Grand niece of wife of 1st great grand
Haefner 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Haefner, August 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Haefner, Johanna Ernestine 23 Mar 1814 Great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Halddansson, Ivar Vidfadme Wide Fathom
From Skane
Abt. 644 AD 43rd great grandfather
Haley, Allan Garnet 4th cousin
Haley, Anita Laureen 4th cousin
Haley, Anne Maureen 11 Jul 1947 3rd cousin 1x removed
Haley, David James 4th cousin
Haley, Garnet Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Haley, Garnet Gerald Jr. 16 Jun 1937 3rd cousin 1x removed
Haley, Garnet Joseph 4th cousin
Haley, George Thomas 21 May 1941 3rd cousin 1x removed
Haley, George Vincent 4th cousin
Haley, James Francis 16 Mar 1946 3rd cousin 1x removed
Haley, John Cyril 4th cousin
Haley, John Cyril 15 Dec 1939 3rd cousin 1x removed
Haley, Kevin Terrance (Terry) 24 Jun 1942 3rd cousin 1x removed
Haley, Linda Jean 4th cousin
Haley, Mary Kathleen 4th cousin
Haley, Michael Garnet 4th cousin
Haley, Michelle Frances 4th cousin
Haley, Terry Lynn 4th cousin
Haley, Tobin Elizabeth 4th cousin
Hall, Ambrose Nephew of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Ann Frances 14 Jan 1951 4th cousin
Hall, Beatrice Frances Bet. 1910–1911 Niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Carolyn 25 Mar 1937 4th cousin
Hall, Casilda 02 Oct 1914 3rd cousin 1x removed
Hall, Catherine (Kate) Niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Catherine Adelaide 09 Apr 1909 3rd cousin 1x removed
Hall, Edna Niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Edward Father-in-law of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Hall, Ethel Niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, George 09 Apr 1911 3rd cousin 1x removed
Hall, Jennifer 23 Jul 1978 4th cousin 1x removed
Hall, John Brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Hall, John Nephew of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Josephine Niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Judith 24 Jun 1970 4th cousin 1x removed
Hall, Kenneth 16 Jul 1971 4th cousin 1x removed
Hall, Margaret 1900 Niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Mary Grand niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Patrick Henry (Pat) Mar 1912 Nephew of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Richard 25 Feb 1907 3rd cousin 1x removed
Hall, Richard V 30 Apr 1942 4th cousin
Hall, Sarah Niece of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Hall, Vincent 23 Jun 1877 Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Halvorson, Lilian Wife of uncle of wife of uncle
Hannes, Gerda 07 Jan 1914 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Hanson, Eleanor (Phyllis) Wife of grand uncle of wife of uncle
Hanson-Newell, Eleanor Wife of grand uncle of wife of uncle
Haraldsen, Halfdan Abt. 605 AD 44th great grandfather
Hardey, Jeffrey 4th cousin 1x removed
Hardey, Jennifer 4th cousin 1x removed
Hardey, Sid Husband of 4th cousin
Harpe, Otto Wilhelm 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Heather Wife of uncle
Heberrer, Sophia 2nd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Hebert, Catherine 1656 9th great grandmother
Hebert, Etienne 1625 11th great grandfather
Hebert, Jacques 1596 12th great grandfather
Hebert, Marie 1651 10th great grandmother
Helene Wife of 19th great grandfather
Hellekis, Anna Axelsdotter of 14th great grandmother
Henning, Harlene 03 Mar 1954 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin
Herberrer 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Hermann, Ruth 04 Jan 1932 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Hiccrd, Anna Larsdotter 07 Jan 1562 12th great grandmother
Hirtle, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Fredrich
Wilhelm Konstantin Hermann Thassilo of
16 Feb 1801 2nd cousin 5x removed
Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Friedrich
Hermann Otto of
22 Jul 1776 Husband of 1st cousin 6x removed
Holic, Danny Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Howe, Mr Husband of 4th cousin
Howe, Valerie 4th cousin 1x removed
Hughes, Dan Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Hunt, Brian 16 Mar 1956 Father-in-law of 1st cousin
Hunt, David Paternal grandfather of wife of 1st cousin
Hunt, Emily 21 Sep 1988 Wife of 1st cousin
Hureau, Andrea Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Hureau, Florence MacNeil Mother-in-law of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Hureau, Joseph Father-in-law of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Isebeck, Caroline 26 Feb 1961 Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Jacobs, John Husband of 1st cousin 3x removed
Jacobs, Robert (Bobby) 2nd cousin 2x removed
Jane Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Janet Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Jansen, Georg Christopher Denffer gen 6th great grandfather
Jansen, Konstantine Gothardine von
Deuffer ger
5th great grandmother
Jefferson, Edward Gordon 07 Apr 1944 Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Jefferson, Edward Gordon 12 Aug 1969 4th cousin
Jefferson, Karen Lee 02 Feb 1966 4th cousin
Jenkins, Margaret Abt. 1801 4th great grandmother
Jessie Mother-in-law of uncle
Jessome, Ignatius 21 Jan 1898 1st cousin 3x removed
Jessome, Nellie Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Jobe, (unknown) Husband of grand aunt
Jobe, Mary 1st cousin 1x removed
Jobe, Paul 1st cousin 1x removed
Johnson, David 4th cousin
Johnson, Don Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Johnson, Donna 4th cousin
Johnson, George Husband of grand aunt
Johnson, Len Husband of grand aunt
Johnson, Mary 4th cousin 1x removed
Johnson, Meagan 4th cousin 1x removed
Julia, Vipsania Bef. 35 BC 69th great grandmother
Juneau, Marie 1600 12th great grandmother
Jungling, Catherina 25 Mar 1826 3rd great grandmother of wife of uncle
Kafkee, Sigmond Husband of grand aunt of wife of uncle
Kagg, Anna Matsdotter 13th great grandmother
Katheryne 18th great grandmother
Kathy Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Keagan, Mary Ann Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Keating, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Kelch, Anna Dorothea 04 Aug 1743 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Kelch, Euphrosyne Elisabeth 4th great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Kelch, Michael 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Kent, Wecta Wegdög of Bef. 350 AD 61st great grand uncle
Kernick, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Kerr, Robert Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Kibyuk, Blair Husband of 4th cousin
Kibyuk, Jillian Blaire 4th cousin 1x removed
Kibyuk, Mark Gregory 4th cousin 1x removed
Kinau, Helena Mathilda 16 Sep 2011 3rd cousin
Kinserska 2nd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Kinserska, Athenais Great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Kiser, Fermand Husband of 1st great grand aunt of wife of
Kitch, Alfred Husband of grand aunt of wife of uncle
Kitch, Carl Husband of grand aunt of wife of uncle
Kleiber, Fabrikanten Werner Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Kleiber, Renate 27 Jun 1940 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Klopmann, Johann 1511 14th great grandfather
Knigge, Friedrich Ulrich Freiherr 11 Sep 1618 9th great grandfather
Knigge, Jobst 01 Mar 1572 10th great grandfather
Knigge, Maximilian Friedrich Casimin
11 Oct 1653 8th great grandfather
Knigge, Sibylla Charlotte Freiin 26 Aug 1686 7th great grandmother
Knight, Elizabeth (Betty) Wife of uncle of wife of uncle
Knudsdottir, Ingegerd of Denmark 27th great grandmother
Kozera, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Kruse, Elert 16th great grandfather
Kuliapko-Koretzky, Anastasia 1832 Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
Kuntzen, Christiane Katharina 7th great grandmother
Kurakin, Furst 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Kurakin, Furst 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Laffin, Danny Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Laffin, Peter Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Laffin, Roberta Wife of 4th cousin
Lafleur, Joachine 1644 9th great grandmother
LAFLEUR, Charles 1620 10th great grandfather
Lambsdorff, Johanna Marie Sophie Anna
von der Wenge Graefin
04 Aug 1847 Mother-in-law of 1st great grand aunt
27 Sep 1811 Mother-in-law of mother-in-law of 1st great
grand aunt
Lamont, Duncan 17 Apr 1828 3rd great grandfather
Lamont, Duncan Donald 10 Jan 1856 2nd great grandfather
Lamont, Robert 1727 6th great grandfather
Lamont, Robert 1749 5th great grandfather
Lamont, Robert 06 Oct 1792 4th great grandfather
Lamont, Viola Kathleen 27 Jul 1886 Great grandmother
Landry, Abraham Joseph 10 Sep 1771 5th great grandfather
Landry, Colombe Colette 1798 4th great grandmother
Landry, Jean Baptiste 28 Aug 1690 7th great grandfather
Landry, Jean Baptiste II 28 Aug 1712 6th great grandfather
Landry, Jean Claude 1593 11th great grandfather
Landry, MARGUERITE II 1672 9th great grandmother
Landry, Rene 1634 10th great grandfather
LANDRY, JEAN 1666 8th great grandfather
Langermann, Helmut 08 Mar 1854 Husband of 1st cousin 4x removed
Lapoint, Kristina 4th cousin
Lapoint, Leonce Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Lapoint, Marge Lee 3rd cousin 1x removed
Lapoint, Nickolaus 4th cousin 1x removed
Lapoint, Robert (Bob) 3rd cousin 1x removed
Lapoint, Robie 4th cousin
Lawrie, Alastair Husband of 4th cousin 1x removed
Lawrie, Alexander 4th cousin 2x removed
LeBlanc, Anne 5th great grandmother
LeBlanc, Bernard 1693 8th great grandfather
LeBlanc, Jacques 1651 9th great grandfather
LeBlanc, Joanne Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
LeBlanc, Marguerite 13 Feb 1728 7th great grandmother
Leger, Maude 4th great grandmother
Leiseder, Andreas Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Leiseder, Georg 16 Oct 1992 3rd cousin
Leiseder, Karl 02 Feb 1998 3rd cousin
Leiseder, Richard 23 May 1994 3rd cousin
Leiseder, Theda 11 Jun 1996 3rd cousin
Lejeune, Edmee 1622 11th great grandmother
LeJeune, Inconu 1550 14th great grandfather
LeJeune, Pierre 1575 13th great grandfather
LeJeune, Pierre Briard 1595 12th great grandfather
Lepida, Aemilia Abt. 9 BC 68th great grandmother
Lieven, Andreas 13th great grandfather
Lieven, Andrej Fst 09 Jun 1839 1st cousin 5x removed
Lieven, Anna Fstn 1840 1st cousin 5x removed
Lieven, Catherine Fstn 17 Sep 1849 1st cousin 5x removed
Lieven, Christoph Reinhold 1706 7th great grandfather
Lieven, Ewert 11th great grandfather
Lieven, Gerdt 12th great grandfather
Lieven, Gerhard Ernst 1665 8th great grandfather
Lieven, Heinrich 1586 10th great grandfather
Lieven, Maria Fstn 08 Jul 1847 1st cousin 5x removed
Lieven, Nikita Fstn 17 Oct 1848 1st cousin 5x removed
Lieven, Olga Fst 05 May 1856 1st cousin 5x removed
Lieven, Reinhold 9th great grandfather
Lillington, Brian Allan 25 Jul 1957 4th cousin
Lillington, Coleen Brenda 10 Feb 1953 4th cousin
Lillington, Donna Marie 18 Oct 1949 4th cousin
Lillington, Ryan Samuel 25 Jan 1983 4th cousin 1x removed
Lillington, Samuel Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Lillington, Scott Allan 28 May 1984 4th cousin 1x removed
Live, Johann 14th great grandfather
Lleuver 64th great grandfather
Llud, Mandubratius ap 29 BC 68th great grandfather
Long, Coleen Wife of uncle of wife of uncle
Long, John Husband of 1st cousin 3x removed
Loupose, Niels Jensen 17th great grandfather
Lucy 1st cousin 1x removed
Ludwig Dietrich Graf von Medem, Johann
15 Jul 1826 3rd great grand uncle
Luisa, María 24 Nov 1745 Paternal grandmother of wife of husband
of paternal grandmother of wife of 2nd
cousin 5x removed
MacDonald, Andrew Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
MacDonald, Child 4th cousin 1x removed
MacDonald, Donald 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacDonald, Frank Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacDonald, Frank Kent 4th cousin
MacDonald, George Carey 4th cousin 1x removed
MacDonald, George Carey 4th cousin
MacDonald, Jodi Lynn 11 Jan 1978 4th cousin
MacDonald, Lois 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacDonald, Margaret 1822 3rd great grandmother
MacDonald, Virginia Anne 4th cousin
MacDonald, Wayne Cary 03 Oct 1970 4th cousin
MacDonald, Wayne Colin 09 Jun 1947 Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacDougall, Christina Wife of 4th cousin
MacDougall, Daniel Wayne 11 Jan 1956 4th cousin
MacDougall, Jessie Elizabeth Jun 1914 Wife of nephew of husband of 2nd cousin
2x removed
MacDougall, Jillian 4th cousin 2x removed
MacDougall, John Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacDougall, John Kevin 27 Nov 1954 4th cousin
MacDougall, Mark Adrian 07 Mar 1994 4th cousin 1x removed
MacDougall, Murdock Father-in-law of nephew of husband of
2nd cousin 2x removed
MacDougall, Paul Husband of 4th cousin 1x removed
MacDougall, Ryan 4th cousin 2x removed
MacGregor, Anna Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
MacKinnon, Albert Edwards 26 Feb 1902 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, Allison 4th cousin 1x removed
MacKinnon, Anastasia Sarah 05 Jun 1918 Paternal grandmother
MacKinnon, Anne Dorothy 17 Sep 1910 Grand aunt
MacKinnon, Anne Marie 4th cousin
MacKinnon, Annie 2nd great grand aunt
MacKinnon, Cecilia Josephine 08 Mar 1923 Grand aunt
MacKinnon, Charles 1750 5th great grandfather
MacKinnon, Daniel Terrance 16 Dec 1900 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, David 4th cousin 1x removed
MacKinnon, David Douglas 03 Jan 1909 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, Donald (Nor West Dan) 1849 2nd great grandfather
MacKinnon, Elizabeth Frances 30 May 1914 Grand aunt
MacKinnon, Flora 2nd great grand aunt
MacKinnon, Frances Bartholomew 21 Sep 1915 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, Gary Murdon Husband of 4th cousin
MacKinnon, George Murray 09 Jun 1917 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, Gerard 4th cousin
MacKinnon, James Byron 15 Feb 1906 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, John 2nd great grand uncle
MacKinnon, John 1855 2nd great grand uncle
MacKinnon, John Collins 06 Sep 1904 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, John G 1936 4th cousin
MacKinnon, John Hugh 09 Jan 1924 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, John Laughlin 27 Oct 1876 Great grandfather
MacKinnon, Joseph Borgia 18 Sep 1907 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, Lauchlin 2nd great grand uncle
MacKinnon, Lauchlin Neil 01 Feb 1815 3rd great grandfather
MacKinnon, Maggie 2nd great grand aunt
MacKinnon, Malcolm 1790 4th great grandfather
MacKinnon, Margaret Loretta 09 Jan 1924 Grand aunt
MacKinnon, Mary 2nd great grand aunt
MacKinnon, Mary Ellen 22 May 1912 Grand aunt
MacKinnon, Mary Irene 4th cousin
MacKinnon, Neil 1791 3rd great grandfather
MacKinnon, Patrick Russel 24 Mar 1903 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, Peter Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacKinnon, Raphael Benedict 24 Jan 1921 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, Vincent Aloysius 04 May 1925 Grand uncle
MacKinnon, William Archibald 30 Sep 1919 Grand uncle
Maclean, Mary 12 Aug 1830 Wife of 2nd great grand uncle
MacLean, Ann (Mary) 3rd great grandmother
MacLean, Dannie Husband of 4th cousin
MacLean, Elizabeth Mother-in-law of nephew of husband of
2nd cousin 2x removed
MacLean, Nancy Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Maclennan, Frances Wife of 4th cousin
MacMaster, Aileen Apr 1970 Wife of 4th cousin
MacMullin, Annette Wife of 4th cousin
MacNeil, Curtis Husband of 4th cousin
MacNeil, Edward Husband of niece of husband of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
MacNeil, Garrett Mitchell 4th cousin 1x removed
MacNeil, Marguerite 03 Jun 1919 Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacNeil, Patricia Maureen 4th cousin
MacNeil, Shirley Myrtle Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacNeil, Thomas (Tommy) Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
MacRae Husband of 4th cousin
MacRae, Carl Husband of grand niece of husband of
2nd cousin 2x removed
MacRae, Christopher 4th cousin 1x removed
MacRae, Lisa 4th cousin 1x removed
MacRae, Mary Louise 4th cousin 1x removed
MacWilliams, Coleen Wife of 4th cousin
Madigan, John Husband of 1st cousin 3x removed
Magadalena 17th great grandmother
Maillard, Anna 1551 13th great grandmother
Maillard, Michel 1520 14th great grandfather
MAILLARD^ Nailard, Charles Edward 15th great grandfather
Malcomson, Charlotte Shirley-Anne Mother-in-law of uncle
Malcomson, Geoffrey Maternal grandfather of wife of uncle
Mandubratius, Boudicca Boadicea Verch 30 AD 67th great grandmother
Mann, Alexander 2nd great grandfather of wife of uncle
Mann, Arthur 3rd great grandfather of wife of uncle
Mann, Cody Nephew of wife of uncle
Mann, Colin Brennan 16 Dec 1924 Father-in-law of uncle
Mann, Craig Douglas 22 Jun 1965 Brother-in-law of uncle
Mann, Douglas Brennan 19 Jul 1982 Nephew of wife of uncle
Mann, Earl (Morley) 16 Feb 1928 Uncle of wife of uncle
Mann, Heather Bernice 26 Nov 1955 Wife of uncle
Mann, Joseph Kelly 19 Nov 1940 Uncle of wife of uncle
Mann, Karissa Niece of wife of uncle
Mann, Owen Robert 02 Feb 1923 Uncle of wife of uncle
Mann, Peter Brennan 12 Sep 1891 Paternal grandfather of wife of uncle
Mann, Peter Frederick (Brian Adopted) 05 Feb 1963 Brother-in-law of uncle
Mann, Peter Thomas 15 Nov 1921 Uncle of wife of uncle
Mann, Rachel Sep 1985 Niece of wife of uncle
Mann, Rebecca Bernice Dec 1983 Niece of wife of uncle
Mann, Scott Brennan 13 May 1953 Brother-in-law of uncle
Mann, Susan Isabella 30 Aug 1926 Aunt of wife of uncle
Mann, William Grant 16 Jun 1867 Great grandfather of wife of uncle
Mantuffel, Ernst Graf 4th great grandfather
Mantz, Joseph Peter 1880 Husband of 1st great grand aunt of wife of
Margarete Wife of 17th great grandfather
Margarethe 19th great grandmother
Marguerite Wife of grand nephew of husband of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Marie von Behr, Claudine (Dina) Jenny 25 Oct 1889 Great grand aunt
Marius, Eurgen ap Abt. 135 AD 65th great grandfather
Marks, Carmel 4th cousin
Marks, Christopher 4th cousin 1x removed
Marks, Gerald 4th cousin
Marks, Lowell 4th cousin
Marks, Samuel Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Maroie 1280 24th great grandmother
Martin Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Martin, Louis 1605 10th great grandfather
Martin, Pierre 1643 9th great grandfather
Martin**, Marie Madeleine 29 Jun 1666 8th great grandmother
Martineau 1555 12th great grandfather
Martineau, Massillon 1580 11th great grandfather
Mary Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Mary 1769 5th great grandmother
Mathonwy, Don Verch 69th great grandmother
Matilda Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Matthes 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Matthes, Clara Caroline Emilia 24 Apr 1840 Paternal grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Matthes, Johann Carl Gottfriedo 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Matthes, Karl Wilhelm Julius 20 Jul 1808 Great grandfather of husband of 1st great
grand aunt
Matthews, Lillian Wife of 4th cousin 1x removed
Maulchay, Brian 4th cousin
Maulchay, Edward Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Maulchay, Erin 4th cousin
Maulchay, Michael 4th cousin
Maulchay, Paul 3rd cousin 1x removed
Maulchay, Paula 4th cousin
Maulchay, Timothy 4th cousin
May, Margaret Paternal grandmother of wife of 1st cousin
Maynard, Alice Mary 23 Mar 1906 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Maynard, George Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Mays, Douglas Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Mays, Elisabeth Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
McacNeil, Mary Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 2x removed
McacQueen, Allan 11 May 1960 Husband of 4th cousin
McAtte, Clara Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
McAulay, Devine 13 Feb 1961 4th cousin
McAulay, Kara 23 Oct 1963 4th cousin
McAulay, Kirk 28 Oct 1958 4th cousin
McAulay, Wayne Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
McAulay, Wayne Jr 08 Dec 1959 4th cousin
McCready, Ann 01 Jan 1760 5th great grandmother
McEachen, Beth Anne 4th cousin 1x removed
McEachen, Christopher 4th cousin 1x removed
McEachen, Frank 3rd cousin 1x removed
McEachen, Gordon 3rd cousin 1x removed
McEachen, Gregory Paul 07 Jul 1948 4th cousin
McEachen, Michael 3rd cousin 1x removed
McEachen, Michael 17 Mar 1895 Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
McEachen, Roy 26 Nov 1918 3rd cousin 1x removed
McEachen, Theodore 3rd cousin 1x removed
McGee, Joan Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
McInnes, Ray Husband of aunt of wife of uncle
McKinlay, Grace (Grizzal) 22 Nov 1831 Wife of 3rd great grandfather
McKinnon, Daniel 02 Jun 1850 2nd great grandfather
McKinnon, Sarah E 23 Jan 1863 Wife of 2nd great grandfather
McLeod 6th great grandmother
McNeil, Ann 23 May 1941 Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
McSorly, Bernice Louisa 01 Aug 1894 Maternal grandmother of wife of uncle
McSorly, John Great grandfather of wife of uncle
Mechildis Wife of 19th great grandfather
Mecks, Dorothea 15th great grandmother
Melanson, Marguerite 1676 9th great grandmother
Melanson, Pierre Lord Verdure 1632 10th great grandfather
MELANSON, CECILE 1668 8th great grandmother
Membertou, Chief Henri Sachem 1580 13th great grandfather
Membertou, Marguertite Marie
1600 12th great grandmother
Membertou, Marie Mikmaq Abenaki 1582 13th great grandmother
Mercier, Jean 1620 11th great grandfather
Mercier, Marie Abt. 1646 10th great grandmother
Mercier, Marin 1550 12th great grandfather
Meurig, Eurgen Verch Bef. 100 AD 65th great grand uncle
Meyer Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Michaeli, Magdalena 10th great grandmother
Micks Husband of 4th cousin
Milanka, Annie Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Miles, Brenda 15 Nov 1953 Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Miller, Sharon Louise Wife of brother-in-law of uncle
Miramonte, Lucia Wife of 4th cousin
Mirbach? 4th great grandmother
Mona Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Monk, Bobbi Jean 08 Jan 1979 Wife of 1st cousin
Montaguerre, Ancetre 1550 14th great grandfather
Montaguerre, Collineau De 1575 13th great grandmother
Montagune, Endofline 14th great grandmother
Moriarty, Ann-Louise 4th cousin
Moriarty, Gerald W Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Moriarty, Gerard 4th cousin
Moriarty, Liam 4th cousin 1x removed
Moriarty, Matthew 4th cousin 1x removed
Moriarty, Sarah 4th cousin 1x removed
Morrison, Florence Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Muhl, Catherina 1695 7th great grandmother
Munkwitz, Annette 13 Mar 1970 Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Murnachan, Aaron Brian 26 Apr 1982 4th cousin
Murnachan, Norman Brian 07 Aug 1948 Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murphy, Charles 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murphy, Charles Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murphy, Denis 1780 Husband of 4th great grand aunt
Murphy, Earl 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murphy, Frances 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murphy, Iris 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murphy, Leo 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murphy, Michael 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murphy, Michael 1815 1st cousin 5x removed
Murphy, Terrence 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murphy, Viola 3rd cousin 1x removed
Murray, Bert Albert 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Beryl Elizabeth 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Cedella Amanda 09 Jan 1920 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Earl John 09 Nov 1918 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Eileen 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Golda Ellen 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Helen Josephine 15 Oct 1913 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Iris Vida 17 Nov 1919 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Jeremiah Robert (Jerry) Husband of 1st cousin 3x removed
Murray, Viola Susan 05 Nov 1909 2nd cousin 2x removed
Murray, Vivian 2nd cousin 2x removed
Napoléone, Eugénie Hortense Auguste 22 Dec 1808 Wife of 2nd cousin 5x removed
Nicola 3rd cousin
Nln, Agnes 25th great grandmother
NN 22nd great grandmother
NN 24th great grandmother
NN Wife of 17th great grandfather
NN Wife of 23rd great grandfather
Nordlander, Axel 21 Sep 1879 Husband of wife of 1st great grand uncle
O’Callaghan, John (Jack) Vernon 25 Jun 1928 3rd cousin 1x removed
O’Callaghan, John Lambert (Chuckie) 04 Apr 1891 Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
O’Callaghan, John Patrick 17 Mar 1951 4th cousin
O’Callaghan, Margaret Joan 14 Sep 1925 3rd cousin 1x removed
O’Callaghan, Mary Clare 12 Apr 1924 3rd cousin 1x removed
O’Callaghan, Michael Bruce 06 Mar 1953 4th cousin
O’Callaghan, Rhonda Marie 13 Jun 1958 4th cousin
O’Callaghan, Richard Lambert 20 Sep 1956 4th cousin
O’Callaghan, Rita Marie 01 May 1939 3rd cousin 1x removed
O’Callaghan, Stephen 4th cousin
O’Callaghan, Terrance David 14 Sep 1959 4th cousin
O’Callaghan, Theresa Aileen (Terry) 05 May 1932 3rd cousin 1x removed
O’Connell, Helen Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
O’Connor, Therese Wife of 4th cousin
Offer, James Preston 18 Jul 1968 4th cousin
Offer, Jocelyn Paige 1995 4th cousin 1x removed
Offer, Thomas George Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Offer, Thomas Jay 10 Oct 1970 4th cousin
Ohlin, Kerstin Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Olafsson, Styrbjorn the Strong 903 AD 32nd great grandfather
Olga 1901 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Olson, Andy 4th cousin
Olson, Baby 1 4th cousin
Olson, Baby 2 4th cousin
Olson, Bonnie 4th cousin
Olson, Brenda 4th cousin
Olson, Bruce 4th cousin
Olson, Carolyn 4th cousin
Olson, Cornelius (Conn) 3rd cousin 1x removed
Olson, Cynthia 4th cousin
Olson, David 4th cousin
Olson, David 3rd cousin 1x removed
Olson, Debbie 4th cousin
Olson, Douglas 4th cousin
Olson, Evelyn 4th cousin
Olson, George (Georgie) 4th cousin
Olson, Judy 4th cousin
Olson, Laura 3rd cousin 1x removed
Olson, Margaret 3rd cousin 1x removed
Olson, Marlene 4th cousin
Olson, Mary 4th cousin
Olson, Owen 3rd cousin 1x removed
Olson, Robert 3rd cousin 1x removed
Olson, Robert 4th cousin
Olson, Sandra 4th cousin
Olson, Tommy 4th cousin
Olson, William Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Palacin, Juan Jose Fenseca Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Palmer, Elisabeth 1780 3rd great grandmother of wife of uncle
Pankratjew, Nikita Petrowitsch Father-in-law of 4th great grand uncle
Pankratjewa, Catherine 02 Jan 1818 Wife of 4th great grand uncle
Paraiso, Breno 27 Oct 1962 Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Parry, Leanne Marie Wife of brother-in-law of uncle
Paula Wife of 4th cousin
Paullus, Lucius Abt. 35 BC 69th great grandfather
Peck, Ellen 18 May 1835 3rd great grandmother
Peck, John Father-in-law of 1st cousin 5x removed
Peck, Mary 15 Oct 1835 Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed
Penarddun 68th great grandmother
Penny, Sadie 1909 Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Pero, Sophia Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Peters, Adam 20 Jul 1984 4th cousin 1x removed
Peters, Alan Husband of 4th cousin
Peters, Ashley 20 Jul 1984 4th cousin 1x removed
Peters, Matthew 15 Jun 1983 4th cousin 1x removed
Petit, Genevieve 1585 13th great grandmother
Pike, Herbert Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Poirier, Cecile 1700 7th great grandmother
Poirier, Marie Francoise 1649 8th great grandmother
Poirier, Michel 1667 8th great grandfather
Posse, Anna 7th great grandmother
Posse, Axel Nilssen 14th great grandfather
Posse, Axel Nilsson 12th great grandfather
Posse, Jöns Nilsson Lage 16th great grandfather
Posse, Lennard 1662 9th great grandfather
Posse, Mauritz Nilsson 1632 10th great grandfather
Posse, Moritz 1699 8th great grandfather
Posse, Nils Axelsson 13th great grandfather
Posse, Nils Axelsson the Younger 11th great grandfather
Posse, Nils Jönsson 15th great grandfather
Prasutagus, Victoria ferch Prasutagus
65 AD 66th great grandmother
Price, Susanna 1740 6th great grandmother
Pyke, Maurice Husband of grand niece of husband of
2nd cousin 2x removed
Pyrmont, Caroline of Waldeck and 14 Aug 1748 Wife of husband of 5th great grand aunt
Ragnarsson, Bjorn Ironside Ragnarson 777 AD 38th great grandfather
Rahey, Isabel Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Rahey, Paul Husband of 4th cousin
Randversson, Sigurd Hring of Denmark 733 AD 40th great grandfather
Ratchford, Tanya Wife of 4th cousin
Raux, Marguerite 1529 14th great grandmother
Redmond, Beryl Elizabeth 01 Sep 1945 3rd cousin 1x removed
Redmond, Dorothy Theresa 03 Oct 1946 3rd cousin 1x removed
Redmond, Jason Robert 28 Feb 1978 4th cousin
Redmond, Jerry Robert 13 Jul 1952 3rd cousin 1x removed
Redmond, Josephine Marie 3rd cousin 1x removed
Redmond, Kimberly Ann 13 Aug 1973 4th cousin
Redmond, Ralph Robert 26 Feb 1909 Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Refilsson, Erik 814 AD 37th great grandfather
Rehbinder, Konstanze Grafin 13 May 1812 Great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Rehbinder, Otto Magnus Graf 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
Resteau, Isabeau 1490 15th great grandmother
Richard, Cecile 1676 9th great grandmother
Richard, Charlotte 1835 3rd great grandmother
Richard, François Régis 01 Nov 1803 4th great grandfather
Richard, Marguerite (Indian) 1690 8th great grandmother
Richard, Pierre I 1661 9th great grandfather
Risebiter, Magdalena (Machtele) 16th great grandmother
Rissom Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Robertson, Robert Father-in-law of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Robertson, Sarah 22 Feb 1912 Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Rome, Venissa Julia Genuissa Venessa
Claudia of
Abt. 12 AD 67th great grandmother
Romeo, Angela Joan 4th cousin
Romeo, Angus Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Romeo, Carey Jonathan 4th cousin 1x removed
Romeo, George Carey 4th cousin
Romeo, Glenna Joanne 4th cousin
Romeo, Maria Goretti 4th cousin
Romeo, Marina Lisa 4th cousin
Romeo, Mary Caelin 4th cousin 1x removed
Römer, Gertrud Mattisdottir 15th great grandmother
Rörik 23rd great grandfather
Röriksdotter, ? Sibling of 22nd great grandfather
Rosen, Catharina 14th great grand aunt
Rosen, Hans 14th great grand uncle
Rosen, Helmold Ritter 19th great grand uncle
Rosen, Johann I. Ritter 17th great grandfather
Rosen, Jurgen I. 15th great grandfather
Rosen, Kersten I. 16th great grandfather
Rosen, NN 20th great grandfather
Rosen, Otto Ritter 18th great grand uncle
Rosen, Otto Ritter 19th great grand uncle
Rosen, Woldemar I. Ritter 19th great grandfather
Rosen, Woldemar IV. Ritter 18th great grandfather
Roy, Marie Alexandra 12th great grandmother
Roy, Mary Melvina Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Rudderham, Betty Lou Apr 1969 Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Russia, Maria Nikolaievna of Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 5x
Ruth Wife of 4th cousin
Rux, Elfriede Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Salle, Marie 1600 11th great grandmother
Samson, Deanna Lynn 20 Aug 1965 4th cousin
Samson, George Adolphe 28 Aug 1927 Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Samson, Lisa Rochelle 14 Oct 1962 4th cousin
Saunderson, John 10 Apr 1918 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Saxony, King Anthony of Husband of aunt of wife of husband of
paternal grandmother of wife of 2nd
cousin 5x removed
Scandinavia, Baldar the Gentle or
Baeldaeg of
Abt. 243 AD 61st great grand uncle
Schaffer, Adrian Husband of 1st cousin
Schepenstede, Johann 19th great grandfather
Schepenstede, Margarethe 18th great grandmother
Scheunert, Kirsten 28 Feb 1969 Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Schlau, Elisabeth Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Schmid, George 1st cousin 1x removed
Schmid, George Husband of grand aunt
Schmid, John 1st cousin 1x removed
Schmid, Theresa 1st cousin 1x removed
Schmid, Walburga 1st cousin 1x removed
Schurmann Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Scott, George Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Scott, Sam Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Sebastian, Emile Chuck Husband of grand aunt of wife of uncle
Sebastian, Minnie Wife of grand uncle of wife of uncle
Seddon, Annabel 1957 2nd cousin 1x removed
Seddon, Genevieve 1989 3rd cousin
Seddon, Greville 1954 2nd cousin 1x removed
Seddon, Harold 25 Jul 1915 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Seddon, James 1986 3rd cousin
Shaugnasey, Catherine Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed
Shearer, Ethel Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Shepherd, (unknown) Husband of grand aunt
Shook, Cheyne 1972 Nephew of wife of uncle
Short, Ena Wepener 22 Apr 1906 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Short, Louise William Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Shuhan, Carol Wife of 4th cousin
Smith 3rd great grandfather
Smith, (unknow) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Smith, (unknown) Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Smith, Ada Aunt of wife of uncle
Smith, Allen (Adopted) 1st cousin of wife of uncle
Smith, Betty 12 Feb Aunt of wife of uncle
Smith, Charles Frederick (Fred) 1892 Maternal grandfather of wife of uncle
Smith, Dick 2nd great grand uncle
Smith, Elizabeth Ann 2nd great grandmother
Smith, Eric 1st cousin of wife of uncle
Smith, Harry 2nd cousin 2x removed
Smith, Robert 1st cousin of wife of uncle
Smith, son 1st cousin 3x removed
Smith, Vera Bernice 07 Mar 1926 Mother-in-law of uncle
Smith, Wilfred Uncle of wife of uncle
Somers, Bernie Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Sophie 22nd great grandmother
Spain, Charles III of Maternal grandfather of wife of husband of
paternal grandmother of wife of 2nd
cousin 5x removed
Spain, Maria Luisa of 1745 Mother-in-law of husband of paternal
grandmother of wife of 2nd cousin 5x
Staines, Alan Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Staines, Anita 2nd cousin 1x removed
Stake, Anna 11th great grandmother
Stein, Anne 26 Nov 1907 Grand aunt of wife of uncle
Stein, Anton Tom 08 Sep 1908 Grand uncle of wife of uncle
Stein, Harry 31 May 1914 Grand uncle of wife of uncle
Stein, Peter 08 Apr 1904 Grand uncle of wife of uncle
Stein, Raymond 29 Jun 1875 Great grandfather of wife of uncle
Stein, Susanne 01 Jul 1910 Grand aunt of wife of uncle
Stein, Terez Magdalene 06 Apr 1902 Paternal grandmother of wife of uncle
Stein, Winnifred Harriette 07 May 1912 Grand aunt of wife of uncle
Stewart, Margaret 22 Oct 1730 6th great grandmother
Stoker, Cindy 21 Feb 1957 Wife of uncle
Strand, Birger Röriksson Balk av 22nd great grandfather
Strand, Kristina Röriksdotter Balk av 20th great grandmother
Strand, Rörik Birgersson Balk av 21st great grandfather
Strickland Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Stritt, Anna Maria 14 Nov 1812 Wife of 2nd great grand uncle of wife of
Styrbjornsson, Thorkill Sprakalaeg 939 AD 31st great grandfather
Sutherland, Arthur Vincent Stuart 19 Jul 1945 Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Sutherland, Shauna Louise 30 Oct 1981 4th cousin
Sutherland, Sheryl Lynn 30 Oct 1981 4th cousin
Sutherland, Steven Vincent 31 Oct 1974 4th cousin
Sutherland, Susan Marie 03 Oct 1976 4th cousin
Swedes, Njord Abt. 228 AD Sibling of 61st great grandfather
Sylvia Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Tascher, Joseph-Gaspard 1735 Great grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin 5x
Taube, Anna 14th great grand aunt
Taube, Bernt 15th great grand uncle
Taube, Johann 17th great grandfather
Taylor, Anna 1710 7th great grandmother
Taylor, Arthur Gordon 31 Dec 1895 Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Taylor, Arthur Gordon 25 Dec 1939 3rd cousin 1x removed
Taylor, Beryl Marlene 27 Mar 1938 3rd cousin 1x removed
Taylor, Brenda Dianne 01 Apr 1948 3rd cousin 1x removed
Taylor, James Howard 12 Sep 1944 3rd cousin 1x removed
Taylor, Jamie Gerard 08 Jul 1981 4th cousin
Taylor, Jody Paige 12 Apr 1975 4th cousin
Taylor, Katherine Kellie 16 Oct 1963 4th cousin
Taylor, Keith Darren 10 Jul 1970 4th cousin
Taylor, Kevin Douglas 30 Mar 1967 4th cousin
Taylor, Kirk Gordon 29 Oct 1964 4th cousin
Taylor, Shauna Erin 04 Dec 1980 4th cousin
Tenefan, Cynfelyn Cunobelinus ap 25 AD 68th great grandfather
Terriot, Elizabth 1575 12th great grandmother
Terriot, Marie 1665 8th great grandmother
Thellend, Candice Maternal 1st cousin
Thellend, Curtis Maternal 1st cousin
Thellend, Terri 02 Jul 1959 Wife of uncle
Thellend, Thomas Maternal 1st cousin
Thellend, Travis Maternal 1st cousin
Theresa Wife of 4th cousin
Theresa, Mary 1st cousin 1x removed
Theriot, Jean 1569 12th great grandfather
Theriot (Terriot), Anne 1672 9th great grandmother
Theriot (Terriot), Claude 1637 10th great grandfather
Theriot (Terriot), Jean (Jehan) 01 Jan 1601 11th great grandfather
Thorkilsson, Ulf Thorkilsson Jarl Abt. 963 AD 30th great grandfather
Tiesenhausen, NN 16th great grandmother
Tighe, Brialee Shian 06 Sep 1993 4th cousin 1x removed
Tighe, Brian 01 Mar 1953 Husband of 4th cousin
Tighe, Jackson Brian 02 Apr 1996 4th cousin 1x removed
Titfer, Gertrud 13th great grandmother
Tobin, (from Rita Offer’s notes) Baby 05 Dec 1885 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, (unknown) Grand aunt
Tobin, Adrian Thomas 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Agnes 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Agnes (Addie) 02 Jul 1876 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Agnes Vivian 25 May 1910 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Amy Anastasia 17 Feb 2011 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Anastasia 08 Jan 1842 2nd great grand aunt
Tobin, Andrew Cyril 21 May 2009 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Ann Aunt
Tobin, Ann Temperance (Annie) 18 Sep 1859 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Annie 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Annie Great grand aunt
Tobin, Audrey Aunt
Tobin, Avril Aunt
Tobin, Baby Boy 4th cousin
Tobin, Bartholomew 04 Jun 1982 Brother
Tobin, Benjamin Christopher 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Bernadette 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Bernard 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Beryl 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Blair 4th cousin
Tobin, Carole 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Carolyn 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Catherine (Cassie) 2nd great grand aunt
Tobin, Catherine (Cathy) 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Cheryl 4th cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Chris 23 Mar 1986 Paternal 1st cousin
Tobin, Chritopher Paul 14 Sep 2007 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Clayton Lawrence 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Colleen 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Corena 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Cyril Joseph 24 Sep 1956 Uncle
Tobin, Cyril Joseph 04 Oct 1985 Brother
Tobin, Daniel 1878 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Daniel (Dannie) 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Daniel Richard 10 Dec 1895 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, David 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, David Gratton 1877 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, David Vincent 1873 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Delphine 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Dorothy Grand aunt
Tobin, Edgar (Ned) 25 Jul 1886 Great grand uncle
Tobin, Edward Vincent 11 Apr 1984 Self
Tobin, Eidith 15 May 1942 Aunt
Tobin, Elizabeth 2nd great grand aunt
Tobin, Elizabeth (Eliza) 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Ella (Nellie) 26 Nov 1883 Great grand aunt
Tobin, Ellen 29 Sep 1871 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Ellen (Ella) 1870 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Elmer Robert 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Faye 4th cousin
Tobin, Francis 26 Aug 1877 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, George 08 Jul 1889 Great grand uncle
Tobin, George (Skipper) Grand uncle
Tobin, Gratton 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Helen (Ella) 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Henrietta Grand aunt
Tobin, Henry Vincent 29 Oct 1848 2nd great grandfather
Tobin, Irene 09 Dec 1902 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Ismay 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Jack Uncle
Tobin, James 1879 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, James 30 Dec 1951 Father
Tobin, James (Teaser) 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Jennifer 4th cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Jennifer Paternal 1st cousin
Tobin, John 1841 2nd great grand uncle
Tobin, John 22 Sep 1869 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, John Edmond 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, John Joseph (Jack) 12 Jun 1881 Great grandfather
Tobin, John Lawrence 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, John Pius 1874 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, John Simon 20 Oct 1952 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, John Thomas 03 Oct 1903 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, John Thomas (Jack) Sr Nov 1871 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, John Vincent 13 Apr 1947 Uncle
Tobin, Joseph Francis Jr 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Joseph Francis 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Karen 4th cousin
Tobin, Kathleen 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Katlyn 4th cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Larry Lawrence Grand uncle
Tobin, Lillian 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Lorna 1942 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Louise Bridget F (Biddie) 23 Apr 1879 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Lynn 4th cousin
Tobin, Lysle 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Marcus 28 Aug 1890 Great grand uncle
Tobin, Margaret 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Margaret 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Margaret 1890 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Margaret (Maggie) 09 Mar 1865 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Margaret Jane 22 Oct 1861 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Marie 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Marie (Sister St. Aidan) 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Marilyn 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Marjorie 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Mark 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Mark 23 Mar 1986 Paternal 1st cousin
Tobin, Mary 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Mary 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Mary 1870 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Mary 11 Apr 1879 Great grand aunt
Tobin, Mary G Grand aunt
Tobin, Mary Jane 11 May 1861 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Mary Josephine 17 Aug 1888 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Mary Mildred 17 Dec 1907 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Matt 30 May 1979 Paternal 1st cousin
Tobin, Maurice 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Meaghan Elizabeth 09 Jan 1994 4th cousin
Tobin, Michael 4th cousin
Tobin, Muriel Theresa Marie 15 Nov 1936 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Natalie Paternal 1st cousin
Tobin, Ned 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Ned Grand uncle
Tobin, Nicholas 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Nicholas 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Nicholas 1786 3rd great grandfather
Tobin, Nicholas 03 Mar 1860 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Nicholas 17 Apr 1863 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Nicholas (Edward) 1832 2nd great grand uncle
Tobin, Nicholas Joseph 26 Mar 1987 4th cousin
Tobin, Norbert Grand uncle
Tobin, Patricia (Pat) 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Patricia Ann 16 Sep 1938 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Peter Garfield 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Pius 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Pius 1876 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Rev John Cyril 05 Jul 1905 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Richard Henry 1867 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, Ritchie Uncle
Tobin, Robert 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Robert T. 1st cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Ronald (Ronnie) 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Rose Grand aunt
Tobin, Rue 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Ryan 4th cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Sara 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Sara Kathryn 04 Feb 1989 4th cousin
Tobin, Sarah Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 2x
Tobin, Shirley 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Sidney 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Sir Robert 1839 2nd great grand uncle
Tobin, Sophia 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Terrance Nicholas 10 Sep 1886 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Theodore Grand uncle
Tobin, Thomas 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Thomas 2nd great grand uncle
Tobin, Vera 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, Vincent H 14 Apr 1973 Great grand uncle
Tobin, Vincent William 23 Jun 1917 Paternal grandfather
Tobin, William 4th cousin 1x removed
Tobin, William 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, William 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tobin, William 2nd great grand uncle
Tobin, William 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, William 18 Mar 1867 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, William R (Bill) Nov 1871 1st cousin 3x removed
Tobin, William Sydney (Syd) 2nd cousin 2x removed
Tobin, Yvonne 3rd cousin 1x removed
Tornel, Rogelia Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Tornel, Sonia Partricia Renedo 15 Jan 1941 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Tour, Eduard Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Tour, Sonja 09 Aug 1901 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Trathol, Mathonwy ap 70th great grandfather
Trotta gen. Treyden, Anna 15th great grandmother
Troubetzkoy, Vasily 1776 Husband of 1st cousin 6x removed
Tullischan, Franziska 2nd great grandmother of wife of uncle
Tullischan, Joseph 1824 3rd great grandfather of wife of uncle
Uexkull, Dietrich 13th great grand uncle
Uexkull, Heinrich 13th great grand uncle
Uexkull, Johann 13th great grand uncle
Uexkull, Johann 14th great grandfather
Uexkull, Jurgen 13th great grand uncle
Uexkull, Otto 1535 15th great grandfather
Uexkull, Reinhold 16th great grandfather
Uexkull, Ursula 17th great grandmother
Uexkull, Wilmot 13th great grand uncle
Unknown Wife of brother-in-law of uncle
Unknown, Gertruda abt 1590 ?? 12th great grandmother
Usilie 27th great grandmother
van Hoogstraaten, Genifer 22 Mar 1941 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
van Hoogstraaten, Henric Adolphe Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
van Wrangell, Hans (Hennecinus) 18th great grandfather
van Wrangell, Hermannus 19th great grandfather
VAN Wrangell, Bertelmus (Bartolomeus) 17th great grand uncle
VAN Wrangell, Bertelt 16th great grandfather
VAN Wrangell, Diedrich 15th great grand uncle
VAN Wrangell, Hans 16th great grand uncle
VAN Wrangell, Heinrich 16th great grand uncle
VAN Wrangell, Katharina 15th great grand aunt
VAN Wrangell, Margaretha 15th great grandparent
VAN Wrangell, NN Sibling of 15th great grandparent
VAN Wrangell, Otto 16th great grand uncle
VAN Wrangell, Reinhold 15th great grand uncle
VAN Wrangell, Wolmar 17th great grandfather
Vanderlinden, Patricia Wife of 4th cousin
Varberg, Gunhild Torkilsdatter av Abt. 1365 18th great grandmother
Veche, Ruth Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Velinge, Ellen Tykadotter av 17th great grand aunt
Velinge, Eskil av 19th great grandfather
Velinge, Jens Eskilson av 18th great grand uncle
Velinge, Joens Tykason av 17th great grand uncle
Velinge, Lagman Niels Tykason av 17th great grand uncle
Velinge, Tyke Eskilson av 18th great grandfather
Venetti, Cecil Husband of 4th cousin
Vera Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Versen, Lorenz 1494 14th great grandfather
Vieslis, Mathilde 1200 26th great grandmother
Vifhusen, Drude 18th great grandmother
Vignault, Bill Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Viva, Medina Wife of 4th cousin
Völinge, Kristina Tykesdotter of 17th great grandmother
von Altenboekum, Barbara 9th great grandmother
von Anrep, Anna 14th great grandmother
von Anrep, Barbara 14th great grandmother
von Anrep, Margaretha 11th great grandmother
von Ballestrem, Marina Graefin 29 Jul 1977 Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Bayern, Otto von Northeim Hz. 1041 26th great grandfather
von Behr, Alduin Rudolph Baron 01 Apr 1816 3rd great grand uncle
von Behr, Alexander 02 Aug 1969 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Alexander (Lex) Ernst 09 Dec 1893 Great grand uncle
von Behr, Alexander (Sandy) Brian Patrick
22 Apr 1926 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Alexander (Sasha) Peter
24 Sep 1959 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Alexander (Ted) Oskar Ulrich
27 Dec 1927 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Alexander Baron Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Alexander Baron 07 May 1844 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Alexander Baron 01 Apr 1855 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Alexandra (Alexa) Adelheid 15 Jul 1966 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Alice Baronesse 04 Dec 1869 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Alma Baronesse 19 May 1852 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Amalie Dorothea 13 Jan 1788 4th great grand aunt
von Behr, Amelie Isabel 02 Jun 1969 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Anna 25 Mar 1977 Grand niece of wife of 1st great grand
von Behr, Anna Charlotte Ulrike 05 Mar 1803 Aunt of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Antoinette (Toni) Baronesse 23 May 1851 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Arthur Baron 03 Jun 1862 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Arthur Baron 02 Jul 1878 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Auguste 26 Aug 1818 Uncle of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Benita Baronesse 06 Jan 1891 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Bertha Rita Alma Baronesse 14 Sep 1887 Great grand aunt
von Behr, Caitlin Elizabeth 22 Dec 2001 1st great grand niece of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
von Behr, Carl Baron 18 Dec 1836 Husband of mother-in-law of 1st great
grand aunt
von Behr, Caroline (Ina) Baronesse 06 May 1854 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Caroline Agnese 23 Feb 1802 Aunt of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Dagmar (Haus Edwahlen) 11 Dec 1905 Sister-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Dagmar Dina Elisabeth Sybilla 01 Jul 1919 Maternal grandmother
von Behr, Daughter 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Diedrich Johann (Duke) Baron 02 May 1827 Father-in-law of 1st great grand aunt
von Behr, Dietrich 12 Apr 1957 Nephew of wife of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Dietrich Ernst Nicolai Baron 12 Dec 1881 Husband of 1st great grand aunt
von Behr, Dietrich Paul Baron 20 Feb 1916 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Dorothea Baronesse 06 Mar 1807 Aunt of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Eduard Baron 25 Sep 1817 3rd great grand uncle
von Behr, Ekhard Friedrich 22 Mar 1934 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Elisabeth Adelheid Rita
Ingeborg Clara
12 Feb 1929 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Elisabeth Julie Jenny Bertha
(House Stricken) Baronesse
02 Mar 1862 2nd great grandmother
von Behr, Elisabeth Philipphine 1784 4th great grand aunt
von Behr, Ernestine Auguste Baronesse 09 May 1804 3rd great grand aunt
von Behr, Eugenie Baronesse 13 Feb 1866 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Florian 29 Sep 1974 Grand niece of wife of 1st great grand
von Behr, Friedrich Georg Diedrich Baron 19 Mar 1845 Brother-in-law of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Friedrich Gotthard 7th great grandfather
von Behr, Friedrich Ulrich Johann
10 Jun 1804 Uncle of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Georg Werner 1776 5th great grandfather
von Behr, George Werner 1730 6th great grandfather
von Behr, Helene Barbara Baronesse 03 Dec 1870 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Helene Elisabeth (Elsa) 03 Dec 1885 Great grand aunt
von Behr, Helene Katherine Baronesse 29 Mar 1849 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Henriette 20 May 1820 Aunt of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Herbert Woldemar Baron 22 Nov 1886 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Hermann 04 May 1790 4th great grand uncle
von Behr, Hermann Theodor Baron 28 Sep 1805 3rd great grandfather
von Behr, Hermann Werner Alexander
(Haus Bersteln) Baron
01 Aug 1842 2nd great grandfather
von Behr, Irene (Haus Edwahlen)
04 Jul 1917 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Irma Baronesse 10 Dec 1874 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Jennifer Anne 02 Dec 1976 Grand niece of wife of 1st great grand
von Behr, Johann 28 Jul 1800 Uncle of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Johann Diedrich 7th great grandfather
von Behr, Johann Georg Hermann Ulrich
Julius Baron
12 Jul 1802 4th great grandfather
von Behr, Johanna (Jenny) 10 Mar 1814 Aunt of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Johann-Gunther (John) (Haus
08 Dec 1911 Brother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Julianna 02 Oct 1805 Aunt of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Julianna Elisabeth Caroline
11 Aug 1807 4th great grandmother
von Behr, Julie Konstantia 1783 4th great grand aunt
von Behr, Karl Eugen Baron 21 Mar 1811 3rd great grand uncle
von Behr, Karl Otto Baron 14 Jan 1810 Father-in-law of mother-in-law of 1st great
grand aunt
von Behr, Karl Ulrich Philipp Hermann 23 Dec 1745 5th great grandfather
von Behr, Karoline Louise Baronesse 1802 3rd great grand aunt
von Behr, Kathryn 09 May 1973 Grand niece of wife of 1st great grand
von Behr, Konrad Ernst 30 May 1821 3rd great grand uncle
von Behr, Laura 4th great grand aunt
von Behr, Leokadie (Lia) Baronesse 10 Jan 1885 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Leonie Ottilie Baronesse 29 Mar 1858 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Leopold Baron 26 Jun 1819 3rd great grand uncle
von Behr, Ljuba Pauline Baronesse 07 Dec 1850 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Margarethe Baronesse 29 Sep 1888 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Marie Baronesse 12 Dec 1854 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Marie Baronesse 15 Apr 1856 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Marie Caroline Baronesse 24 Oct 1823 3rd great grand aunt
von Behr, Marina Rita Helene Carola 10 Dec 1920 Grand aunt
von Behr, Marissa (Sisi) Baronesse 29 Dec 1925 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Mathias 11 Mar 1986 Grand nephew of wife of 1st great grand
von Behr, Michael (Micky) Paul John
10 Dec 1927 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Monica Karina 05 Jan 1936 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Nadine Baronesse 08 Jan 1854 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Nadine Baronesse 01 Feb 1864 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Nicholas Christopher Paul 22 Feb 1962 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Nicolas 11 Sep 1971 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Nicolas (Nicky) Frans Gaston 08 Apr 1937 1st cousin 2x removed
von Behr, Nicolas (Niki) Dietrich 26 Mar 1965 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Nora-Elena 31 Jan 1992 Grand niece of wife of 1st great grand
von Behr, Ottilie Baronesse 15 Jun 1812 3rd great grand aunt
von Behr, Otto Baron 15 Apr 1872 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Paul Baltazar (Haus Bersteln) 06 Jan 1892 Great grandfather
von Behr, Paul Baron 19 Sep 1852 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Paul Baron 24 Jan 1881 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Behr, Pauline Amalie Baronesse 18 Mar 1810 3rd great grand aunt
von Behr, Peter 05 Sep 1944 Nephew of wife of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Peter Nicolas 13 Dec 1966 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Behr, Philipp 28 Sep 1971 Grand nephew of wife of 1st great grand
von Behr, Philipp Carl Ulrich Baron Jul 1778 4th great grandfather
von Behr, Philipp Emmerich Dietrich 26 Dec 1898 Great grand uncle
von Behr, Richard Eduard Baron 04 Apr 1866 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Richard Eugen Baron 07 Apr 1814 3rd great grand uncle
von Behr, Sergei Baron 11 Feb 1855 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Sonja Baronesse 28 Jun 1867 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Sybilla 08 Mar 1951 Niece of wife of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Theodor Alexander Baron 1807 3rd great grand uncle
von Behr, Theodor Baron 28 Mar 1857 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Timothy Peter 28 Dec 1979 Grand nephew of wife of 1st great grand
von Behr, Ulrich 6th great grandfather
von Behr, Ulrich 21 Nov 1816 Uncle of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Ulrich 01 Feb 1923 Brother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Ulrich 05 Oct 1947 Nephew of wife of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Ulrich (Peter) Karl Eugen 01 Aug 1895 Great grand uncle
von Behr, Ulrich Johann Ernst 15 Nov 1772 Paternal grandfather of husband of mother
-in-law of 1st great grand aunt
von Behr, Ulrike Johanna Baronesse 05 Dec 1812 Aunt of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Uta (adopted?) 07 Sep 1969 Niece of wife of 1st great grand uncle
von Behr, Vera Baronesse 13 Aug 1861 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Werner 23 May 1808 Uncle of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Werner Baron 17 Sep 1860 1st cousin 4x removed
von Behr, Wilhelmine (Minna) 06 Jul 1815 Aunt of husband of mother-in-law of 1st
great grand aunt
von Behr, Wilhelmine (Minna) Baronesse 16 Jun 1863 Wife of brother-in-law of mother-in-law of
1st great grand aunt
von Behr, Woldemar (Wladimir) Baron 15 Jan 1858 1st cousin 4x removed
von Bellingshausen, Anna Magdalena 1700 8th great grandmother
von Benckendorff, Dorothea 17 Dec 1785 Wife of 5th great grand uncle
von Biron, Charlotte 1st cousin 6x removed
von Biron, Dorothea 21 Aug 1793 1st cousin 6x removed
von Biron, Ernst Johann Father-in-law of 5th great grand aunt
von Biron, Johanna Katharina 24 Jun 1783 1st cousin 6x removed
von Biron, Katharina Friederike
Wilhelmine Begigna
08 Feb 1781 1st cousin 6x removed
von Biron, Luise Pauline Maria 19 Feb 1782 1st cousin 6x removed
von Biron, Peter 15 Feb 1724 Husband of 5th great grand aunt
von Biron, Peter 23 Feb 1787 1st cousin 6x removed
von Bistram, Dina 1st cousin 2x removed
von Bistram, Dorli 1st cousin 2x removed
von Bistram, Dorrit Antoinette Baronesse 11 Sep 1968 Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Bistram, Gisela 1st cousin 2x removed
von Bistram, Hedda 1st cousin 2x removed
von Bistram, Rodi 1st cousin 2x removed
von Bistram, Rodrigo 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Bistram, Rodrigo Baron 15 Jun 1886 Husband of 1st great grand aunt
von Bistram, Verena 1st cousin 2x removed
von Bistramb, Elisabeth Anne Maria 6th great grandmother
von Blome, Anna Wife of 9th great grandfather
von Bock, Berend 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Bock, Helene Henriette 22 Jul 1749 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Bodeck, Agathe 21 Dec 1601 10th great grandmother
von Boyen, Karoline 25 Sep 1817 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Brach, Hermann I. Edler 23rd great grand uncle
von Brack, Bertold I. Edler 22nd great grand uncle
von Brack, Regelindis Edle 23rd great grand uncle
von Brack, Regelindis Edle 22nd great grand uncle
von Brack, Sigebodo Edler 22nd great grand uncle
von Brack, Werner III. Edler 23rd great grandfather
von Brackel, Bernhard III. 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Bertold IV 15th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Claus II. (Clawes-Nicolao) 18th great grandfather
von Brackel, Claus III. 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Dietrich II. Half 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Dietrich III. 16th great grandfather
von Brackel, Dietrich IV. 15th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Friedrich 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Fromhold (Vromoldus) 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Gottfried V. 16th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Heil (Adelheid) 15th great grandmother
von Brackel, Hermann (Hermen) 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Johann VI. 19th great grandfather
von Brackel, Johann VII. 18th great grandfather
von Brackel, Jurgen (Georg) 15th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Jurgen I. 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Klaus IV. 16th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Margarete 17th great grandmother
von Brackel, Martin (Martinus) 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, NN Sibling of 16th great grandfather
von Brackel, NN Sibling of 15th great grandmother
von Brackel, Odert 16th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Otto II. 17th great grandfather
von Brackel, Otto III 15th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Robert 16th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Tonnis I. 16th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Woldemar I. 17th great grand uncle
von Brackel, Wolmar (Adelheid) 15th great grand uncle
von Brakele, Adelheid Edle 23rd great grand aunt
von Brand, Barbara 19 Oct 1829 Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
von Bray-Steinburg, Elisabeth Gfin Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Bremen, Alheit 16th great grandmother
von Brevern, Henriette Christine 12 Jul 1779 2nd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Brevern, Hermann Christoph 04 Mar 1744 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Brewern 4th great grandmother
von Bruemmer, Anna Magdalena 11 Nov 1745 6th great grandmother
von Bruemmer, Bernd Johann 7th great grandfather
von Brunnow, Christoph Dietar 5th great grandfather
von Brunnow, Florentine (Flora) Elisabeth 4th great grandmother
von Brunnow, Hermann 6th great grandfather
von Buddenbrock, Alit 13th great grand uncle
von Buddenbrock, Anna 11th great grand aunt
von Buddenbrock, Catharina 11th great grand aunt
von Buddenbrock, Gerdruta 11th great grand aunt
von Buddenbrock, Heinrich 12th great grand uncle
von Buddenbrock, Hermann 13th great grand uncle
von Buddenbrock, Johann 14th great grandfather
von Buddenbrock, Johann 12th great grand uncle
von Buddenbrock, Johann 13th great grandfather
von Buddenbrock, Jurgen 12th great grand uncle
von Buddenbrock, Katharina 12th great grand aunt
von Buddenbrock, Maye 13th great grand aunt
von Buddenbrock, Otto 12th great grandfather
von Buddenbrock, Wilhelm 12th great grand uncle
von Bülow, Anna 10th great grandmother
von Buxhoeveden, Anna 14th great grandmother
von Decken, Margaretha 16th great grandmother
von Dellingshausen, Bertha Henriette
(Freeiin) Baronesse
14 Mar 1835 3rd great grandmother
von Dellingshausen, Carl Thomas Baron 19 Apr 1791 4th great grandfather
von Dellingshausen, Friedrich Adolf Baron 12 Jul 1769 5th great grandfather
von Dellingshausen, Thomas (III) Baron 21 Dec 1721 6th great grandparent
von Delwig, Hedwig Christine 4th great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von den Brincken, Agnesa 6th great grandmother
von den Brincken, Heinrich Christian Husband of 8th great grandmother
von der Bruggen, Anna Dorothea 7th great grandmother
von der Horst, Margaretha 13th great grandmother
von der Howen, Catharina 14th great grandmother
von der Ley, Sophia Agnesa von Neuhoff
Wife of 7th great grandfather
von der Ohe, Otto Dietrich 24 Sep 1904 Husband of wife of 1st great grand uncle
von der Osten gen. Sacken, Wilhelmine
Anna Elisabeth
12 Mar 1778 5th great grandmother
von der Osten-Sacken, Fromhold Ulrich 6th great grandfather
von der Pahlen, Beate Helene 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von der Pahlen, Marie Louise Elisabeth
5th great grandmother
von der Pahlen, Sophia Catharina
Dorothea Freiin
4th great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von der Recke, Anna Syibylla 10 Aug 1666 8th great grandmother
von der Recke, Antoinette Elisabeth
24 Jul 1810 4th great grandmother
von der Recke, Dietrich Kasmir 6th great grandfather
von der Recke, Erika 16 Jul 1919 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
von der Recke, Franz Wilhelm Christoph
5th great grandfather
von der Recke, Friedrich 1644 9th great grandfather
von der Recke, Georg Husband of half 5th great grand aunt
von der Recke, Georges Baron Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
von der Recke, Maria Sibilla 6th great grandmother
von der Recke, Matthias 10th great grandfather
von der Recke, Valerie Baronesse 20 Jun 1862 Wife of 1st cousin 4x removed
von der Ropp, Barbara 12th great grandmother
von der Schulenburg, Karl Rudolf 1788 Husband of 1st cousin 6x removed
von der Tinnen, Dorothea 10th great grandmother
von der Wahlen, Constantia Ursula 7th great grandmother
von Derfelden, Anna Magdalena 7th great grandmother
von Derschau, Alexander 09 Oct 1825 1st cousin 5x removed
von Derschau, Alexandra 24 Sep 1834 1st cousin 5x removed
von Derschau, Dorothea Karoline 07 Oct 1786 1st cousin 6x removed
von Derschau, Nikolai 19 Sep 1828 1st cousin 5x removed
von Derschau, Paul Baron 16 Aug 1844 1st cousin 5x removed
von Derschau, Peter Adam 29 Feb 1788 1st cousin 6x removed
von Derschau, Sophie Baronesse 14 Oct 1839 1st cousin 5x removed
von Derschau, Theodor Baron 06 Jul 1827 1st cousin 5x removed
von Derschau, Wilhelm 20 Apr 1750 Husband of 5th great grand aunt
von Derschau, Wilhelm 20 Jul 1824 1st cousin 5x removed
von Derschau, Wilhelm Baron 14 Apr 1791 Husband of 4th great grand aunt
von Diepenbroick-Gruter, Erika Freiin Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Ducker, Elisabeth 13th great grand aunt
von Ducker, Ewert 15th great grandfather
von Ducker, Ewert (der Alte) 14th great grand uncle
von Ducker, Ewert (der Lange) 13th great grand uncle
von Ducker, Friedrich 14th great grandfather
von Ducker, Gertke 13th great grand aunt
von Ducker, Heinrich 13th great grand uncle
von Ducker, Johann 14th great grand uncle
von Ducker, Maya 13th great grand aunt
von Ducker, Otto 13th great grand uncle
von Duren, Rorig 14th great grandmother
von Eötvös, Lilian (Lulu) Baroness Stepdaughter of 1st great grand uncle
von Esebeck, Gotz Frhr 29 May 1965 Husband of niece of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
von Esebeck, Richard 03 Oct 1999 Grand nephew of wife of 1st great grand
von Essen, Alexander II von Essen 1652 Half 9th great grand uncle
von Essen, Christina 24 Jul 1636 Wife of 10th great grandfather
von Essen, Jurgen 12 Aug 1629 Husband of 10th great grandmother
von Essen, Magdalene Elisabeth 1670 9th great grandmother
von Fahrensbach, Dietrich 17th great grandfather
von Fahrensbach, Gertrud 16th great grandmother
von Farensbach, Elisabeth 14th great grandmother
von Fersen, Anna 12th great grand aunt
von Fersen, Anna 1630 10th great grandmother
von Fersen, Barbara Dorothea 10th great grand aunt
von Fersen, Elisabeth (Elzon) 12th great grand aunt
von Fersen, Fabian 1568 12th great grandfather
von Fersen, Hans 12th great grand uncle
von Fersen, Hermann 13th great grandfather
von Fersen, Hermann 11th great grandfather
von Fersen, Hermann Frhr 1630 10th great grand uncle
von Fersen, Lorenz 12th great grand uncle
von Fersen, Maye (Magdalena) 12th great grand aunt
von Fersen, Otto Wilhelm Frhr 25 Jul 1623 10th great grand uncle
von Fersen, Reinhold Fabian 1594 Half 11th great grand uncle
von Fick, Maria Friederike 4th great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Fircks, Carl Baron 29 Dec 1868 Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
von Frauenau, Bathildis Freiin Poschinger 03 Jun 1906 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
von Frauenau, Eduard Frhr Poschinger Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Frese, Theda Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Freymann, Barbara Charlotte 16 Dec 1740 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Freymann, Dorothea Margarethe
1768 2nd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Freymann, Ferdinand Magnus 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Funcke, Katharina Helene 6th great grandmother
von Furstenberg, Anna 14th great grandmother
von Furstenberg, Luloff 15th great grandfather
von Gagern, Monika Freiin 19 Feb 1946 Wife of nephew of wife of 1st great grand
von Gaisberg-Schockingen, Antonie (Toni)
Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Galen, Elisabeth Beate 7th great grandmother
von Gaugreben, Caspar 7th great grandfather
von Gaugreben, Charlotte Freiin 27 Jun 1743 6th great grandmother
von Gehrden, Heinrich I. Edler 25th great grandfather
von Gersdorff, Sophie Helene 4th great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Geyern, Amalie Schenk Wife of 2nd cousin 5x removed
von Ginthersberch, Anna Charlotta 8th great grandmother
von Goes, Otto Ernst Husband of wife of 7th great grandfather
von Grotthus, Benigna Agnesa 7th great grandmother
von Grotthus, Christina Wife of 10th great grandfather
von Grotthus, Christoph Graf 5th great grandfather
von Grotthus, Wilhelm 7th great grandfather
von Grotthuss, Anna Elisabeth Baronesse 01 Apr 1725 6th great grandmother
von Grotthuss, Dorothea Anna Caroline
Juliane Baronesse
4th great grandmother
von Grotthuss, Otto Johann 6th great grandfather
von Grumbkow, Marie Luise 13 Mar 1851 Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
von Gutzleff, Anna 13th great grandmother
von Gutzleff, Georg (Jurgen) 14th great grandfather
von Habsburg-Lothringen, Maria Ludovica
Leopoldina Franziska Therese Josepha
12 Dec 1791 Wife of husband of paternal grandmother
of wife of 2nd cousin 5x removed
von Hacke, Elisabeth Lukretia 10th great grandmother
von Hahn, Eduard Baron 05 Oct 1865 Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
von Hahn, Franz Baron 26 Oct 1863 Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
von Hahnebohm, Elisabeth 11th great grandmother
von Harpe, August Wilhelm Theodor 30 Sep 1767 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Harpe, Benjamin 13 Sep 1998 3rd cousin
von Harpe, Felix 03 Oct 2002 3rd cousin
von Harpe, Gregor Julius Alexander
13 May 1867 Father-in-law of 1st great grand aunt
von Harpe, Gregor Wilhelm 08 Nov 1808 Great grandfather of husband of 1st great
grand aunt
von Harpe, Manfred 24 Mar 1926 1st cousin 2x removed
von Harpe, Marina 23 Oct 1962 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Harpe, Matthew 08 Feb 1997 3rd cousin
von Harpe, Michael 03 Jun 1960 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Harpe, Nicholas 10 May 2002 3rd cousin
von Harpe, Roland 09 Aug 1999 3rd cousin
von Harpe, Rudolf Karl August 18 Feb 1839 Paternal grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Harpe, Saskia 19 Jul 1996 3rd cousin
von Harpe, Sigrun 1928 1st cousin 2x removed
von Harpe, Stefan 19 Nov 1958 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Harpe, Werner Rudolf Friedrich 25 May 1895 Husband of 1st great grand aunt
von Harpe, Wilhelm Christian 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Hastfer, Odert Husband of 16th great grandmother
von Heyking, Arina B-ne 5th great grandmother
von Heyking, Edgar Baron 17 Mar 1852 Husband of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Heyking, Eduard Baron 29 Sep 1819 Husband of 3rd great grand aunt
von Heyking, Ernst Georg 6th great grandfather
von Hildrizhausen, Beatrix 26th great grandmother
von Hirschheydt Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Hirschheydt, Bernhard 1957 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Hirschheydt, Burchard 1966 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Hirschheydt, Christoph 1954 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Hirschheydt, Felix 1987 3rd cousin
von Hirschheydt, Florian 3rd cousin
von Hirschheydt, Karina 1969 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Hirschheydt, Lilly 3rd cousin
von Hirschheydt, Maria 1961 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Hirschheydt, Marie 1995 3rd cousin
von Hirschheydt, Martin 1987 3rd cousin
von Hirschheydt, Max 1994 3rd cousin
von Hirschheydt, Robert 1964 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Hohenfelt, Maria Theresia
1740 6th great grandmother
von Hotley, Baron Husband of niece of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
von Hoyningen gen. Huene, Barthold
18 Mar 1859 Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
von Hoyningen-Huene, Frederik Johann 06 May 2003 3rd cousin
von Hoyningen-Huene, Heinrich (Heiner)
08 Sep 1941 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Hoyningen-Huene, Jobst Berend
Georg Freiherr
20 Feb 1971 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Hoyningen-Huene, Margaretha Luise 20 Mar 2006 3rd cousin
von Hoyningen-Huene, Melanie Karola
19 Mar 1975 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Hoyningen-Huene, Natalie Andrea
17 May 1969 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Issendorf, Ina 05 Dec 1934 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Issendorf, Obersten Walter Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Jung-Stilling, Friedrich 23 Feb 1836 Husband of 3rd great grand aunt
von Kalvelage-Ravensberg, Beatrix Grafin 24th great grandmother
von Kalvelage-Ravensberg, Hermann
25th great grandfather
von Kappenberg, Beatrix Grafin 25th great grandmother
von Kappenberg, Gottfried Graf 26th great grandfather
von Keyserling, Amalie Gfin 18 Apr 1857 Wife of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Keyserling, Anna Reichsgrafin 6th great grandmother
von Keyserlingk, Arthur Gf 07 Mar 1847 Husband of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Keyserlingk, Johann Emmerich 1735 6th great grandfather
von Keyserlingk, Johann Heinrich 7th great grandfather
von Keyserlingk, Maria Theresia 19 Jul 1761 5th great grandmother
von Kistowsky, Vera 01 Jul 1958 Wife of nephew of wife of 1st great grand
von Kleist, Christian Ewald 23 Apr 1758 5th great grandfather
von Kleist, Dorothea Eleonore Constantia
Ernestine Benigna
21 Dec 1779 Wife of 5th great grandfather
von Kleist, Ernst Nikolaus 10 Feb 1719 6th great grandfather
von Kleist, Friedrich Casimir 7th great grandfather
von Kleist, Juliane Wilhelnsiue Baronesse 4th great grandmother
von Klieist, NN 16th great grandmother
von Klitzing, Christoph Bef. 1606 10th great grandfather
von Klitzing, Julianne Louise Bet. 17 Oct
8th great grandmother
von Klitzing, Kaspar Christoph 15 Jun 1628 9th great grandfather
von Klopmann, Anna 1515 14th great grand aunt
von Klopmann, Hinrik 15th great grandfather
von Klopmann, Kunigunde Kone 1542 13th great grand uncle
von Klopmann, Luise Charlotte 03 Oct 1783 Paternal grandmother of wife of 1st cousin
4x removed
von Klopmann, Margarete Rorich 1539 13th great grandmother
von Klopmann, Otto 16th great grandfather
von Klopmann, Otto 1513 14th great grand uncle
von Klopmann, Wilhelm 1537 13th great grand uncle
von Kokenhusen, Sophie 21st great grandmother
von Kokenhusen, Theodericus Ritter 22nd great grandfather
von Korff, Agnesa 7th great grandmother
von Korff, Anna Baronesse 07 Sep 1846 1st cousin 4x removed
von Korff, Edgar Baron 07 Feb 1852 1st cousin 4x removed
von Korff, Eleonora 16 Aug 1725 6th great grandmother
von Korff, Gustav Baron 28 Sep 1800 Husband of 3rd great grand aunt
von Korff, Helene Pauline Baronesse 27 Nov 1848 1st cousin 4x removed
von Korff, Katharina Magdalena Elisabeth 23 May 1741 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Korff, Louise Dorothea 27 Jan 1736 Wife of 6th great grandfather
von Korff, Nikalaus Baron Husband of 3rd great grand aunt
von Korff, Nikolaus 7th great grandfather
von Krudener, Katharina Elisabeth 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Kruse, Magdalene (Madlena) 15th great grandmother
von Krusensteirn, Ewert Philipp 7th great grandfather
von Krusenstiern, Karl Adolf 13 Feb 1727 6th great grandfather
von Krusenstiern, Karoline Elisabeth 20 Dec 1771 5th great grandmother
von Kursell, Sophie Dorothea 01 Feb 1753 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Lauenstein, Barbara Streiff Wife of 13th great grandfather
von Lieven, Alexander Friedrich Graf Fst 14 Jan 1801 4th great grand uncle
von Lieven, Alexandrina Fuerstin 13 Jan 1831 Wife of 4th great grand uncle
von Lieven, Alexandrine Marie (Mary)
Charlotte Elise Fstin
02 Jun 1886 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Lieven, Anna Fstin 25 Jan 1826 3rd great grand aunt
von Lieven, Anna Marie Charlotte Fstin 21 Jul 1853 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Arthur Fst 29 Mar 1850 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Carl Christoph Furst 01 Feb 1767 5th great grandfather
von Lieven, Carl Heinrich Fst 08 Jul 1799 4th great grandfather
von Lieven, Charlotte Graefin 10 May 1804 4th great grand aunt
von Lieven, Charlotte Sophie Fstin 23 Apr 1827 3rd great grand aunt
von Lieven, Christopher Heinrich 06 May 1774 5th great grand uncle
von Lieven, Eduard Wilhelm Graf 1802 4th great grand uncle
von Lieven, Elisabeth (Elsa) Fstin 28 Feb 1873 2nd great grand aunt
von Lieven, Elisabeth Emilie Johanna
Charlotte Fstin
08 Jun 1829 3rd great grand aunt
von Lieven, Elise Mathilde Alexandrine
(Dina) Fstin
22 Oct 1868 2nd great grand aunt
von Lieven, George Karl Otto Fst 23 Feb 1846 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Helene Fstin 18 May 1851 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Helene Fstn 02 May 1842 1st cousin 5x removed
von Lieven, Helene Mathilde Fstin 22 Mar 1870 2nd great grandmother
von Lieven, Jacobine 7th great grandmother
von Lieven, Leon Otto Karl Alexander
Theodor Fst
21 Dec 1847 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Marie Elise Charlotte 19 Jan 1856 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Marie Fstin 12 May 1828 3rd great grand aunt
von Lieven, Michael Karl Nikolai Fst 06 Feb 1850 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Nicholai Wilhelm Karl
Johannes Fst
12 Jun 1831 3rd great grandfather
von Lieven, Olga Wilhelmine Elise
Charlotte Fstin
15 Dec 1851 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Otto Andreas Fst 02 Mar 1798 4th great grand uncle
von Lieven, Otto Heinrich Andreas Baron 11 Oct 1726 6th great grandfather
von Lieven, Sophie Louise Amalie Fstin 11 May 1830 3rd great grand aunt
von Lieven, Theodor Carl Fst 21 Jun 1849 1st cousin 4x removed
von Lieven, Theodor Christof Fst 02 May 1803 Husband of 3rd great grand aunt
von Lieven, Wilhelmine Charlotte Sophie
29 Jun 1824 3rd great grand aunt
von Lieven, Wilhelminie Charlotte 6th great grandmother
von Liphart, Amalie (Emmy) 28 May 1809 4th great grand aunt
von Liphart, Anna (Annette) 11 Jan 1821 4th great grand aunt
von Liphart, Carl Eduard 16 May 1808 4th great grand uncle
von Liphart, Carl Gotthard 01 Mar 1778 5th great grandfather
von Liphart, Charlotte Ottilie 17 Jul 1811 4th great grand aunt
von Liphart, Constance Isabelle 25 Oct 1814 4th great grand aunt
von Liphart, Elisabeth (Elise) 19 Mar 1803 4th great grandmother
von Liphart, Friedrich 17 Dec 1819 4th great grand uncle
von Liphart, Gotthard Lionel 19 Feb 1804 4th great grand uncle
von Liphart, Guido 21 Jun 1801 4th great grand uncle
von Liphart, Isabelle Elfriede 10 Jan 1817 4th great grand aunt
von Liphart, Johanna (Jenny) 26 Jul 1810 4th great grand aunt
von Liphart, Marie Eleonore 31 Oct 1819 4th great grand aunt
von Liphart, Otto Carl 10 Jan 1776 5th great grand uncle
von Liphart, Otto Magnus 02 Sep 1812 4th great grand uncle
von Liphart, Reinhold Wilhelm 16 Jul 1750 6th great grandfather
von Liphart, Sophie Wilhelmine 05 Apr 1807 4th great grand aunt
von Lode, NN 17th great grandmother
von Lode?, Elene 18th great grandmother
von Lowenwolde, Anna (Annette) Freiin 19 Feb 1783 5th great grandmother
von Manteuffel, Gerhard Karl Wilhelm
13 Apr 1803 Great grandfather of husband of 1st great
grand aunt
von Manteuffel, Helene Kasimire Athenais
Maria Zoege
18 May 1846 Maternal grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Manteuffel, Otto Reinhold Zoege 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Manteuffel, Peter Otto Zoege 18 Oct 1777 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Manteuffel, Wilhelm Johann Zoege 22 Feb 1745 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Manteuffel gen. Szoege, Louise
23 Jun 1732 6th great grandmother
von Mantuffel, Mathilde Gfin 04 Nov 1847 3rd great grandmother
von Maydell, Dorothea 10th great grandmother
von Maydell, Gero Baron 13 Sep 1966 Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Maydell, Hakon Konrad Frederik 15 Aug 1996 3rd cousin
von Maydell, Yorrik Hinrich Alexej 21 Jul 1998 3rd cousin
von Medem, Alexander Christoph Johann
16 Aug 1902 Great grand uncle
von Medem, Alexander Friedrich Graf 05 Mar 1803 4th great grand uncle
von Medem, Alexander Mariano 02 Oct 1953 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Alexander Paul Carl Johann
13 Mar 1915 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Alexandra 16 Nov 1969 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Medem, Anna Charlotte Dorothea 03 Feb 1761 5th great grand aunt
von Medem, Arnold Theodor Julius Graf 1st cousin 5x removed
von Medem, Carl Gf 25 Nov 1886 Husband of 1st great grand aunt
von Medem, Carl Theodore Graf 13 Feb 1803 4th great grand uncle
von Medem, Christoph Dietrich Georg 6th great grandfather
von Medem, Christoph Johann Friedrich
24 Aug 1763 5th great grandfather
von Medem, Conrad Graf 12 Apr 1856 Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
von Medem, Dagmar Julie Elisabeth 25 Mar 1892 Great grand aunt
von Medem, Dina Maria Graefin 30 Sep 1966 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Medem, Dina Meta Julie 02 Feb 1890 Great grand aunt
von Medem, Dorothea (Dorky) Sonja
30 May 1922 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Elisa 20 May 1754 Half 5th great grand aunt
von Medem, Elisabeth Helene Marie 21 Sep 1940 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Else Marie Helene Julie
20 May 1920 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Fredrich (Fred) Johann
Conrad Paul Carl
16 Aug 1912 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Friedrich (Fred) Johann
Theodor Nikolaus
11 Jun 1897 Great grand uncle
von Medem, George 9th great grandfather
von Medem, George Christopher 14 Feb 1684 7th great grandfather
von Medem, Gerharda (Harda) Graefin 26 Jan 1945 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Godela Graefin 19 Jul 1943 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Helene (Ellen) Mathilde
Jenny Dorothy
14 Mar 1888 Great grand aunt
von Medem, Johann Friedrich Christoph
Peter Karl Graf
09 Nov 1860 Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
von Medem, Johann Friedrich Gräf 16 Sep 1722 6th great grandfather
von Medem, Julie 30 Apr 1857 2nd great grand aunt
von Medem, Louise Julie Elisabeth
19 May 1829 3rd great grand aunt
von Medem, Marina 23 Mar 1966 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Medem, Marina Graefin 26 Jan 1945 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Meta Adele Countess 25 Sep 1894 Great grandmother
von Medem, Meta Sophie Anna 03 Mar 1862 2nd great grand aunt
von Medem, Michael Georg 1668 8th great grandfather
von Medem, Monica Anna Maria 06 May 1942 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Otto 1621 10th great grandfather
von Medem, Patricia Alexandra 19 Aug 1982 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Medem, Paul Graf 09 Jan 1800 4th great grand uncle
von Medem, Paul Heinrich Peter Theodor
18 Apr 1860 2nd great grandfather
von Medem, Peter Alexander 03 Jul 1968 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Medem, Peter Georg Graf 18 Jan 1801 4th great grandfather
von Medem, Peter Paul Alexander 29 Jun 1898 Great grand uncle
von Medem, Peter Paul Friedrich Count 08 Mar 1933 1st cousin 2x removed
von Medem, Sibilla Katharina Louise 5th great grandmother
von Medem, Theodor Peter Julius 22 May 1827 3rd great grandfather
von Meerscheidt-Hullessem, Gerda Freiin 16 Jun 1909 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
von Meerscheidt-Hullessem, Gerhard Frhr Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Mellin, Kurt Gf 24 Sep 1883 Husband of 1st great grand aunt
von Mirbach, Elisabeth Juliane 7th great grandmother
von Mirbach, Johanna 13 Apr 1782 Paternal grandmother of husband of
mother-in-law of 1st great grand aunt
von Nassau Kerr Leck, Ludwig Theodor
4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Nassaulech, Gertrude Francoise
08 Jan 1768 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Nolde, Anna Catherina 9th great grandmother
von Nolde, Charlotte Benigna 6th great grandmother
von Nolde, Hans Baron 28 Aug 1910 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Nolde, Michael 10th great grandfather
von Nolden, Johanne Christopher 6th great grandfather
von Nolden, Julie Marie 5th great grandmother
von Northeim, Ethelinde Grafin 25th great grandmother
von Notken, Alith (Adelheid) 14th great grandmother
von Oberg, Hippolyta 10th great grandmother
von Offenberg 4th great grandfather
von Offenberg, Johanna Jenny Caroline
17 Jun 1827 3rd great grandmother
von Paykull, Eva Christina 7th great grandmother
von Paykull, Gustav Reinhold 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Paykull, Karolina Margarethe Johanna 27 Sep 1779 2nd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Poll?, Gertrud 17th great grandmother
von Puttenberg, N. 6th great grandmother
von Rading, Catharina Friederike
4th great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Rauschke, Georg 02 Jan 1584 10th great grandfather
von Rauschke, Louise Maria 9th great grandmother
von Rehbinder, Friedrich Graf 14 Dec 1786 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Rehbinder, Karl Friedrich Graf 10 Nov 1764 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Rennenkampff, Charlotte Edle 24 Sep 1818 Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
von Rennenkampff, Christine Elisabeth 18 Apr 1749 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Rennenkampff, Elisabeth (Elise) Edle 07 May 1827 Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
von Rennenkampff, Marie Seraphine Edle 21 Aug 1825 Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
von Reutz, Adam Ludwig 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Reutz, Christina Helena 25 Jul 1781 2nd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Revel?, Margarete Wife of 18th great grandfather
von Roenne, Alphons Baron 25 Mar 1817 Husband of 3rd great grand aunt
von Roenne, Benigna Jakobine 05 Jan 1750 5th great grandmother
von Roenne, Carl Johann Ernst Baron 7th great grandfather
von Roenne, Carl Philipp Baron 24 Dec 1721 6th great grandfather
von Roenne, Caroline Lita Baronesse 24 Aug 1807 3rd great grandmother
von Roenne, Christian Leonhard Gustav
(Gus) Baron
17 Feb 1779 4th great grandfather
von Roenne, Christina Baronesse 10 Apr 1752 5th great grand aunt
von Roenne, Gustav Philipp Baron 11 Sep 1748 5th great grandfather
von Roenne, Isabella Baronesse Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Roenne, Louise Katharine Wife of 6th great grandfather
von Rosen, Agneta 13th great grandmother
von Rosen, Anna 15th great grandmother
von Rosen, Anna 1475 16th great grandmother
von Rosen, Barbara 14th great grandmother
von Rosen, Barbara 13th great grand aunt
von Rosen, Conrad 14th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Conrad 13th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Elissabeth (Elsbe) 13th great grand aunt
von Rosen, Engelbert 17th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Georg (Jurgen) 13th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Gerdruta 13th great grand aunt
von Rosen, Gertrud 16th great grandmother
von Rosen, Hans 16th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Hans 15th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Henneke II. 17th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Johann 13th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Johann (Hans) 16th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Jurgen 16th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Kersten 16th great grandfather
von Rosen, Kersten 13th great grand aunt
von Rosen, Kersten Bet. 1458–1459 14th great grandfather
von Rosen, NN Sibling of 13th great grandmother
von Rosen, NN Sibling of 13th great grandmother
von Rosen, Otto IV 17th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Reinhold 13th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Sophia Half 13th great grand aunt
von Rosen, Woldemar III. 17th great grand uncle
von Rosen, Woldemar VI. 16th great grand uncle
von Rosenberg, Louise Dorothea 6th great grandmother
von Rothleben, Christoph 1597 10th great grandfather
von Rothleben, Susanne Marie 12 Nov 1628 9th great grandmother
von Sacken, Sophia Elisabeth (haus
1749 5th great grandmother
von Salandra, Lorenz Gf Revertera 27 Jun 1933 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Benedikta 16 Dec 2008 3rd cousin
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Benjamin
11 May 2010 3rd cousin
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Chloe 18 Nov 2002 3rd cousin
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Falk-Nikolai 19 Jul 1969 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Johanna 03 Jul 2007 3rd cousin
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Justus 15 Jul 1997 3rd cousin
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Kim-Jesko 15 Nov 1973 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Marcel-Rene
05 Mar 1967 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Nadja-
14 Mar 1968 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Rosalie 03 Mar 2011 3rd cousin
von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Ulf 15 Jan 1941 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
von SBuddernbrock, Elisabeth 11th great grandmother
von Schiller, Irmgard Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Schmysing gen. Korff, Boris Baron 25 Aug 1883 Husband of 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Schroders, Elisabeth Magdalena 7th great grandmother
von Schwarzfeld-Lutterberg, Bertold Graf 24th great grandfather
von Schwarzfeld-Lutterberg, Frederundis
23rd great grandmother
von Schwebs, Alexander Friedrich 02 Mar 1770 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Schwebs, Karl Friedrich 29 Sep 1715 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Schwebs, Karoline Anette Henriette 07 Apr 1811 Great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Seefeld, Adelheid (Ada) Baronesse Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Anna 07 Feb 1761 3rd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Arend 15th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Daniel Friedrich 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Elisabeth Dorothea 10th great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Elisabeth Johanna
01 Jul 1760 6th great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Elisabeth Margaretha 9th great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Fabian Reinhold 9th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Georg 12th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Georg 11th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Georg 1620 10th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Gertke 13th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Gustav Ernst Graf 05 Jun 1766 6th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Hedwig Eleonore Juliane 4th great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Heinrich Caspar 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Johann (der Altere) 13th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Johann (der Jungere) 13th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Johann Ernst 26 Apr 1741 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Johanna Margaretha 17 Aug 1728 7th great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Julie Anna 1788 2nd great grandmother of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Karl 11th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Karl Wilhelm 9th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Magdalena Elisabeth
29 May 1727 7th great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Margaretha (Maya) 13th great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Otto 10th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Otto Johann Graf 14 Jun 1764 6th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Otto Magnus 1704 8th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Otto Magnus Graf 07 Feb 1736 7th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Peter 14th great grandfather
von Stackelberg, Peter 13th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Reinhold 13th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Reinhold 12th great grand uncle
von Stackelberg, Sophia Helena Grafin 10 Oct 1758 6th great grandmother
von Stackelberg, Walter Baron 07 Mar 1877 Husband of 1st great grand aunt
von Stackelberg, Wolter 12th great grand uncle
von Stryck, Anna Elisabeth 9th great grandmother
von Taube, Anna 16th great grand aunt
von Taube, Anna 15th great grand aunt
von Taube, Anna 14th great grand aunt
von Taube, Claus 16th great grandfather
von Taube, Claus 14th great grand uncle
von Taube, Claus 16th great grandfather
von Taube, Claus 15th great grand uncle
von Taube, Dietrich 14th great grand uncle
von Taube, Elisabeth (Elsabe) 14th great grandmother
von Taube, Gertrud (Gerte) 14th great grandmother
von Taube, Heinrich 15th great grandfather
von Taube, Johann 15th great grandfather
von Taube, NN Sibling of 15th great grandfather
von Taube, NN 15th great grand aunt
von Taube, Otto 16th great grand uncle
von Taube, Otto 15th great grand uncle
von Tauchnitz, Hans Frhr 12 Apr 1875 Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Anna 15th great grandmother
von Tiesenhausen, Anna 15th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Anna 13th great grandmother
von Tiesenhausen, Anna 12th great grandmother
von Tiesenhausen, Anna Gertrud 14th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Barbara 15th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Barbara 14th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Barbara 13th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Bertram 17th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Bertram 18th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Caspar 13th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Caspar (Jasper) 14th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Christian (Kersten) 15th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Christoffer 16th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Detlof 16th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Diedrich Husband of 14th great grandmother
von Tiesenhausen, Diedrich 17th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Diedrich 18th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Elert (Eiler) 13th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Elisabeth 15th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Engelbrecht 19th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Engelbrecht 17th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Engelbrecht 18th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Engelbrecht 17th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Engelbrecht 15th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Fabian 13th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Fabian 15th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Fabian 13th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Fabian 14th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 14th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 13th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 12th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 16th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 15th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 14th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 15th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 17th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Fromhold 13th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Gertrud 13th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Gertrud 14th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Gertrud 15th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Gertrud Half 13th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Gertruda 13th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Gertrude 16th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Hans 17th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Hans 17th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Hans 18th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Hans 17th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Heile (Heilken) 15th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Heinrich 12th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Heinrich 14th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Hildegunde 19th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Jakob 15th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Johann 14th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Johann 15th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Johann (Hans) 19th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Jurgen 15th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Magdalena 13th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Magdalena (Madlena) 14th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Margarete 19th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, Margarethe (Maye) 14th great grand aunt
von Tiesenhausen, NN Sibling of 16th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, NN Sibling of 16th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, NN Sibling of 13th great grandmother
von Tiesenhausen, NN Sibling of 16th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, NN Sibling of 16th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, NN Sibling of 16th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, NN Sibling of 16th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Peter 18th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Reinhold 14th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Reinhold 15th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Reinhold 15th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Reinhold 13th great grandfather
von Tiesenhausen, Reinhold 14th great grand uncle
von Tiesenhausen, Reinhold 16th great grandfather
von Todwen, Marie Wife of 14th great grandfather
von Treyden, Margaretha 10th great grandmother
von Trotha, Benigna Mother-in-law of 5th great grand aunt
von Trotta gen. Treyden, Anna Dorothea 8th great grandmother
von Uexkull, Barbara 12th great grandmother
von Uexkull, Elisabeth Wife of 12th great grandfather
von Uexkull, Otto 13th great grand uncle
von Uexkull, Reinhold 13th great grand uncle
von Uexkull, Sophia 12th great grand aunt
von Uexkull, Wilhelm 13th great grandfather
von Uexkull, Wolmar Husband of 16th great grandmother
von Ungern, Anna 16th great grandmother
von Ungern, Claus 17th great grandfather
von Ungern, Elisabeth (Elsbe) 14th great grandmother
von Ungern, Reinhold 15th great grandfather
von Versen, Carsten 16th great grand uncle
von Versen, Conrad 21st great grandfather
von Versen, David 20th great grandfather
von Versen, Henning 15th great grandfather
von Versen, Joachim 17th great grandfather
von Versen, Reimar 19th great grandfather
von Versen, Simon 18th great grandfather
von Versen, Simon 16th great grandfather
von Vietinghoff, Adam Ludwig 13 Oct 1780 Paternal grandfather of wife of 1st cousin
4x removed
von Vietinghoff, Anton Joachim 7th great grandfather
von Vietinghoff, Apollonia Juliane 05 Jan 1734 6th great grandmother
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Adolf Baron 31 May 1853 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Cacilie
12 Aug 1855 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Christine
04 Apr 1863 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Edgar Baron 05 Jan 1852 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Elisabeth
27 Jun 1848 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Hamilkar
16 Mar 1846 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Hedwig Marie
Hildegard Baronesse
20 Jun 1859 Wife of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Hermine
1852 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Ida
02 Dec 1850 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Karl Baron 24 May 1839 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Konrad
03 Mar 1846 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Theodor
Ludwig Alexander Baron
21 Jan 1814 Father-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Wilhelm
12 Aug 1855 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Volckersahm, Sophie 26 Jun 1736 7th great grandmother
von Wahl, Otto 29 Sep 1871 Husband of 2nd cousin 3x removed
von Wetzhausen, Anna Marie Truchseß
18 Mar 1611 10th great grandmother
von Wolden, Anna 15th great grandmother
von Wolff, Benita Marissa Dina Vera Guda
09 Sep 1957 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Wolff, Isabella Anna Freiin 14 Sep 1996 3rd cousin
von Wolff, Joseph Frhr Husband of wife of 1st cousin 4x removed
von Wolff, Klaus Alexander Freiherr 04 Sep 1991 3rd cousin
von Wolff, Kurt-Dietrich Helmut Thilo
10 Feb 1959 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Wolff, Lars Freiherr 26 Nov 1994 3rd cousin
von Wolff, Marissa Bernadette Freiin 22 Dec 1994 3rd cousin
von Wolff, Stephan Thilo Freiherr 20 Mar 1989 3rd cousin
von Wolff, Thilo Gotthard Dietrich Adam
Kurt Freiherr
11 May 1955 2nd cousin 1x removed
von Wolff, Tielmann Freiherr 12 Oct 1908 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
von Wopersnow, Margaretha 17th great grandmother
von Wrangel, Heinrich Wilhelm 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Wrangell, Anna Half 12th great grand aunt
von Wrangell, Bernd Gustav 1737 3rd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Wrangell, Bertold 15th great grand uncle
von Wrangell, Friedrich Wilhelm Baron 17 Mar 1840 Maternal grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Wrangell, Johann 14th great grandfather
von Wrangell, Johann Half 12th great grand uncle
von Wrangell, Johann 13th great grandfather
von Wrangell, Margaretha 12th great grand aunt
von Wrangell, NN Sibling of 15th great grandparent
von Wrangell, Peter Ludwig 26 Sep 1760 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st
great grand aunt
von Wrangell, Wolmar 15th great grand aunt
VON Wrangell, Alexandra (Anda) Marie
Dorothea Baronesse
19 Mar 1874 Mother-in-law of 1st great grand aunt
VON Wrangell, Anton Otto Georg Baron 25 Feb 1802 Great grandfather of husband of 1st great
grand aunt
VON Wrangell, Elisabeth 12th great grandmother
Vundengut, Gertrud 20th great grandmother
Wadden, James Father-in-law of 2nd great grand uncle
Wadden, Susan 1840 Wife of 2nd great grand uncle
Warendorp, Elsebe 19th great grandmother
Warendorp, Hermann 20th great grandfather
Warendorp, Mechtildis 19th great grandmother
Warendorp, Thidemann 20th great grandfather
Waterfield, Kerry Husband of 4th cousin
Waugh, Margaret Jane Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Weigmann, Christoph 03 Dec 1966 Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Weigmann, Silvester 20 Jul 2010 3rd cousin
Wepener, Maria Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Westermann Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Wherrett, Gillian 02 Oct 1947 Wife of nephew of wife of 1st great grand
Wihtlög 61st great grand uncle
Wiley, Jud Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Wiley, Katheryn Elizabeth 4th cousin
Wiley, Mathew Ryan 4th cousin
Wilks, Ann 27 Aug 1800 1st cousin 5x removed
Wilks, George Husband of 4th great grand aunt
Wilks, Mary Ann 31 Jul 1802 1st cousin 5x removed
Wilson, John (Woolzen) 1782 4th great grandfather
Winshel, Deborah Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Winsor, Hazel Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Winstanley, Blair 4th cousin
Winstanley, Carol 4th cousin
Winstanley, Daniel 4th cousin
Winstanley, Daniel Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Winstanley, Patricia 4th cousin
Wismar, Oskar Count zu Castell-
Rudenhausen auf
Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Witt, Juan Carlos 27 Feb 1938 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Woodrow, James (Jim) Husband of 4th cousin
Woodrow, James Andrew 11 Nov 1975 4th cousin 1x removed
Woodrow, Teresa Lynn (Terri Lynn) 23 Oct 1976 4th cousin 1x removed
Woolzen, Anne Temperence (Wilson) May 1807 3rd great grandmother
‘Wyddel’, Syrigi 75th great grand aunt
‘Wyddel’, Urnach 76th great grandfather
Yates Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Yates, Bessie Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Yates, Kathleen Sister-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Yates, Marina Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Young, Danny (ben) Father-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Young, John Gabriel 10 Sep 1838 Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
Young, Mary Ann 29 Mar 1871 Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Young, William 1866 1st cousin 3x removed
Yusupov, Boris Grigoryevich Father-in-law of husband of 5th great
grand aunt
Yusupova, Yevdokiya Borisovna 05 May 1743 Wife of husband of 5th great grand aunt
Zinovyeva, Irina Mikhaylovna Mother-in-law of husband of 5th great
grand aunt